Session 3

Thursday 15.30-16.50


Social Class Mobility: Room 1. Sheikh Zayed Theatre

  • Counter-mobility: intergenerational class reproduction as a career process? Presenter: Juho Härkönen
  • What do we really know about social class mobility in the UK? 
    Presenter: Colin Mills
  • Historical evolution of intergenerational class mobility and educational effects in urban Argentina.  
    Presenter: Sandra Fachelli
  • Does family always come first? Social fluidity and not exploited advantages over birth cohorts of Italian women. 
    Presenter: Filippo Gioachin

Elites, Distinction and Taxation: Room 2. Wolfson Theatre

  • “Tagged at the Opera”: When Culture Becomes Signals of Status on Social Media. 
    Presenter: Stine Møllegaard
  • Fifty Shades of Elite Distinction? Evidence from Library Takeout for the Entire Population of Denmark.  
    Presenter:  Ea Blaabæk
  • The UK’s Global Economic Elite: an exploratory sociological study of ‘non-doms’ using taxation data. 
    Presenter: David Burgherr
  • Taxed fairly? How differences in perception shape attitudes towards taxation. Presenter: Licia Bobzien

Job Tasks, Skills and the Labour Market: Room 3. Alumni Theatre

  • Skill-Based Technical Change and Fertility in Germany.  
    Presenter: Honorata Bogusz
  • Job tasks – Is there a Motherhood Penalty? 
    Presenter: Gundula Zoch
  • Detrimental labour market conditions, wage losses and types of skills. Presenter: Miriam Grønning
  • The link between computer use and job satisfaction: The mediating role of job tasks and task discretion.  
    Presenter: Carla Hornberg

Non-Standard Work: Room 4. Thai Theatre

  • Equalising or Marginalising – how platform work shapes gender inequalities across Europe
    Presenter: Stephanie Steinmetz
  • Robots Don't Pay Taxes: Deindustrialization and Fiscal Decline.
    Presenter:  Rourke OBrien
  • To screen or to spare: do employers use flexible contracts differently for jobs with different skill levels?     
    Presenter: Stef Bouwhuis
  • Employers’ adoption of a novel employment practice 1991-2018: The role of labor scarcity and ideas of work-life-balance.  
    Presenter: Marlis Buchmann

Gender Inequality, Promotion and Productivity: Room 5. NAB. 1.07

  • Does gender parity foster collaboration? Trends in gender homophily in scientific publications, 1980-2019.
    Presenter: Margarita Torre
  • Standardization and equal-opportunity policies: How do they impact gender differences in academic evaluations – a German-Italian comparison.
    Presenter: Nevena Kulic
  • Investigating gender bias in evaluations for job promotion: does homophily play a role? Results from a survey experiment in Italy.  
    Presenter: Renzo Carriero
  • How (wo)men evaluate (wo)men. Gendered gender biases in assessment of applicants for professorships?
    Presenter: Alessandra Rusconi

Neighbourhood, Space and Social Capital: Room 6. NAB 1.15

  • The Effects of Voluntary Involvement on Social Capital and Network Composition in Germany.
    Presenter: Kasimir Dederichs
  • The Effect of Community Organizing on Landlords’ Use of Eviction Filing: Evidence from U.S. Cities
    Presenter: Andrew Messamore
  • Gambling Outlets as Agents of Local Area Disorganization: Crime and Local Institutions, the Case of the UK.
    Presenter: Neli Demireva
  • Deindustrialization, Place-based Community Identity and Far-right Voting in Europe      
    Presenter: Giuseppe Ciccolin

Inequality and the State: Room 7. NAB 2.14

  • Societal impacts on the inequalities in subjective well-being along the axis of disability: Welfare-state regimes and disability indices. 
    Presenter: Andreas Hadjar
  • The long shadow of welfare reform: Health impacts of Australia’s ‘emergency response’ to Indigenous disadvantage.         
    Presenter: Mary-Alice Doyle
  • How do changes in public social care expenditure affect care use among older adults? Evidence from English local authorities.  
    Ginevra Floridi
  • Socio-economic differences in Dutch parents' knowledge about formal childcare organization and childcare subsidies in the Netherlands.         
    Presenter: Verena Seibel