Session 2

Thursday 11.20 - 13.00 (5 paper session)


Migration and Social Mobility: Room 1. Sheik Zayed Theatre

  • Immigrants’ access to managerial positions.           
    Presenter: Aleksander Madsen
  • The Civic Stratification of Status and Class Attainment: Micro- and macro-level effects of immigration on intergenerational social mobility in Europe  
    Presenter: Ettore Recchi
  • Occupational attainment and career progression among Iraqi immigrants admitted under different categories in Sweden.  
    Presenter: Julie Fournier
  • International Migration and Social Mobility in Europe: The Effects of Parental Socio-Economic Status on Education and Occupational Status Attainment of Migrants and Non-Migrants.
    Presenter: Ayse Guveli
  • Paradoxes of Social Mobility in London. 
    Presenter: Richard Breen

 Mobility and Methods (II): Room 2. Wolfson Theatre

  • A Comprehensive Assessment of Census Record Linking Methods: Comparing Deterministic, Probabilistic and Machine Learning Approaches for the Study of Intergenerational Mobility.
    Presenter: Jung In
  • Social Mobility as Causal Intervention.   
    Presenter: Lai Wei
  • A novel examination of trends in vertical and horizontal inequalities in higher education: A large scale cross-national analysis. 
    Presenter: Guido Salza
  • The multiverse of social class schemes: a large-scale analysis of the explanatory power of ten alternative class schemes for social stratification research.  
    Presenter: Carlos Barones
  • Unfair Educational Inequality in 99 Countries: A Theoretically Driven Machine Learning Approach.
    Presenter: Paolo Brunori

 Home Ownership, Housing and Wealth: Room 3. Alumni Theatre

  • Four Decades of Racial Disparities in Housing Affordability Across U.S. Metropolitan Areas: A New Normative Approach. 
    Presenter: Or Cohen Raviv
  • The Polarization of Real Estate Ownership and Increasing Wealth Inequality in Spain.
    Presenter: Diederik Boertien
  • Keeping up with the Muellers: Housing Inequality and Status Competition in Germany
    Presenter: Nora Waitkus
  • Intergenerational Wealth Transmission and Homeownership in Europe within an Institutional Framework.
    Presenter: Or Cohen Raviv
  • House Price Inequality and Political Efficacy  
    Presenter: Matthias Haslberger

Culture, Family and Migration:  Room 4. Thai Theatre

  • Culture portability from origin to destination country. The gender division of domestic work among migrants in Italy.
    Presenter: Anna Zamberlan
  • Acculturation to Gender Norms: Employment Trajectories by Migrant Origin after the Transition to Parenthood in Finland. 
    Presenter: Elina Kilpi-Jakonen
  • Restoring Culture and Capital to Cultural Capital: Origin–Destination Cultural Distance and Immigrant Earnings in the United States         
    Presenter: Qian He
  • The Demographic and Socioeconomic Consequences of Restricting Access to Marriage for Young Migrants in Denmark  
    Presenter: Peter Fallesen
  • Fatherhood mechanisms in migration: Links between father presence and children’s psychological well-being in Chinese migrant families.
    Presenter: Yan Zhag

Education Inequality and Mobility: Room 5. NAB. 1.07

  • Like Father, Like Child: Social Reproduction in the French Grandes Écoles throughout the 20th Century     
    Presenter: Stéphane Benveniste
  • To who do you refer? Studying the effect of status on educational inequality. Presenter: William Foley
  • Does More Schooling Lead to Less or More Inequality of Educational Opportunity?
    Michael Grätz
  • The influence of structural and relative changes in educational inequalities in Spain.
    Presenter:   Ildefonso Marqués-Perales
  • Effect of Paternal and Maternal Grandparents' Education on Children's Educational Attainment: The Case of Japan        
    Presenter: Aguru Ishibashi

Work, Ethnicity and Migration: Room 6. NAB 1.15

  • Disadvantages over the career: sickness absence among female immigrants in low-skilled jobs
    Presenter: Elisabeth Ugreninov
  • A dynamic perspective on ethnic inequalities in unemployment in Sweden.  Presenter: Raffaele Grotti
  • Does self-employment in home-country affect self-employment after migration? Evidence from Italy and Spain.
    Presenter: Floriane Bolazzi
  • How Do Immigrants Compete with Natives in the Labor Market? A Distributional Approach to Spatial, Occupational, and Workplace Dynamics  
    Presenter: JooHee Han
  • Intersecting Inequalities? Stratification by Class, Race and Gender in Europe Presenter: Florian Hertel. 

Covid19 and Subjective Wellbeing. Room 7. NAB 2.14

  • Perceived Conditions and Subjective Well-Being in Times of COVID-19 among the Youth. The Moderating Role of Social Background.
    Presenter: Roger Fernandez-Urbano
  • Individual predispositions or social conditions? The well-being of children and adolescents during the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Presenter: Lena Weigel
  • Social inequalities in Young People’s Mental Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Do Psychosocial Resource Factors Matter?
    Presenter: Ingrid Schoon
  • Happiness in the midst of pandemic: Changes of subjective wellbeing in the Czech Republic.  
    Jan Klusáček
  • The effect of material hardship on emotional wellbeing among people in poverty during COVID-19. 
    Presenter: Alisa Lewin