Environmental Politics & Governance

Online seminar series at the Department of Social Policy, LSE.

Engage and interact on economic, political, and social approaches to understanding climate change and the environment.


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EPG online seminar series


Environmental Politics and Governance (EPGOnline seminar series at the Department of Social Policy, LSE. 


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Dr Liam Beiser-McGrath.


Winter Term series

25th January

The Effect of Racial Resentment and Out-Group Cues on Support for Climate Policy Among White Americans
Eric Parajon (UNC)

Priorities and Pocketbooks: Mapping Issue Prioritization and Willingness to Pay for Local Climate Action
Erich Scheuch (Yale)

8th February

Natural disasters and local bureaucracy
Preeti Nambiar (Vanderbilt)

Can designated climate ministries help to fight climate change?
Yves Steinebach (Oslo)

22nd February

Are Long-Term Climate Mitigation Ambitions Credible?
Detlef Sprinz (Potsdam)

Is the international climate regime complex effective? Identifying and explaining patterns of diffusion in climate change mitigation policy

Heather Ba (Missouri)

7th March

Ballots, Bullets, and Trees: Election Timing and Violence Against Environmentalists
Anthony Calacino (Oxford)

Mitigating future uncertainties, but at what price? Myopic citizens, short-term policy cost, and long-term policy effectiveness
Susanne Rhein (ETH Zürich)