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Mannheim Centre Seminar Series

Seminar series

co-organised with the British Society of Criminology's Southern Branch


Details of the seminar series for the 2023/24 academic year will be added here in due course.





Seminar series archive 2022/23

14 June 2023
ADHD and the Criminal Justice System
Speaker: Professor Lorana Bartels (ANU)

8 March 2023
Working towards justice for women; Retrospective and Forward views from the former Victims Commissioner
Speaker: Vera Baird, Visiting Professor in Practice, Mannheim Centre for Criminology

26 October 2022
Servitude for a time: From the permanent slavery of the “unfree” to the slavery pro tempore of the free
Speaker: Professor Dario Melossi (University of Bologna)

Seminar series archive 2021/22

8 June 2022
Orderly Britain: How we solve our everyday problems from dog fouling to double parking
Speaker: Tim Newburn (LSE) 

25 May 2022
Forensic Psychologists: Prisons, Power, and Vulnerability
Speaker: Jason Warr (De Montfort University) 

11 May 2022
Policing the ‘savage horde’: Settler masculinities and racist violence in the U.S. Mexico borderlands
Speaker: Margarita Aragon (Birkbeck, University of London)

9 March 2022
Social proximity, trust, and resilience: What network data tell us about drug markets and enforcement
Speaker: Giulia Berlusconi (Surrey University) 

1 February 2022
Prisoner Re-Entry and Neoliberalism
Speaker: Alessandro De Giorgi (San Jose State University, California) 

8 December 2021
From criminals to slaves: 'Modern' slavery, county lines, and the cultural politics of victimhood in post-colonial Britain
Speaker: Insa Koch (LSE)

10 November 2021
The comparative political economy of punishment in Latin America
Speaker: Manuel Iturralde (Universidad de los Andes)

6 October 2021
The neglected role of citizenship status and 'illegality' in intersectional analysis
Speaker: Katja Franko (University of Oslo)



Seminar series archive 2020/21

16 June 2021
Human Rights and Incarceration in Europe
Speaker: Gaëtan Cliquennois (Nantes)

12 May 2021
Children and young people in police custody 
Speaker: Miranda Bevan (LSE)

24 March 2021
Digital Technologies and Criminal Justice
Speaker: Dr. Pamela Ugwudike (Southampton)

24 February 2021
Where did pre-charge bail go? Explaining the rapid decline of a routine police power after the Policing and Crime Act 2017
Speaker: Dr. Richard Martin (LSE)

27 January 2021
The Construction of Guilt in China
Speaker: Dr. Yu Mou (SOAS)

9 December 2020
The Deviant Prison: Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary and the Origins of the Modern Penal System, 1829-1913
Speaker: Ashley Rubin (University of Hawai'i at Mānoa)

11 November 2020
Roundtable Discussion on Defunding the Police
with Jonathan Simon (UC Berkeley), Jonathan Jackson (LSE),  and Derecka Purnell (human rights lawyer and columnist for The Guardian)

21 October 2020
Social Democratic Criminology
Speaker: Robert Reiner (LSE)


Seminar series archive 2019/20

12th February 2020
Living in hostile environments: Illegality assemblages and everyday experiences of ‘illegality’
Speaker: Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham)

22nd January 2020
The Official History of Criminal Justice in England and Wales
Speaker: Paul Rock (LSE)

11th December 2019
Youth, Justice and Community: An Alternative Vision for Dealing with Youth Crime
Speaker: Jo Phoenix (Open University)

13th November 2019
The Pleasure of Punishment
Speaker: Magnus Hoernqvist (Stockholm University/Mannheim Centre Visiting Fellow)

16th October 2019
Book launch and symposium (co-organised with the Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London): The Politics of the Police, 5th Edition
(by Ben Bowling, Robert Reiner and Jim Sheptycki)
Chair: Betsy Stanko; Commentaries: Alison Wakefield (Portsmouth), Jenny Fleming (Southampton) and Ben Bradford (UCL) 


Seminar series archive 2018/19

12 June 2019
Challenges, Innovation and Reform in the Policing of Drugs
Panel with Matt Bacon (University of Sheffield), Jack Spicer (University of the West of England) and Niamh Eastwood (Release)

29 May 2019
Contemporary Crime Control in Historical Context:
From the ‘New Police’ to the ‘Transformation of Policing’?
David Churchill (University of Leeds)

20 March 2019
The Prison Boundary: Between Society and Carceral Space
Jennifer Turner (University of Liverpool)

20 February 2019
Hate Crime and the Legal Process

Abenaa Owusu-Bempah (LSE) and Susann Wiedlitzka (University of Sussex)

16 January 2019
Reading Pictures: Art History and the Sociology of Punishment
Eamonn Carrabine (University of Essex)

28 November 2018
Taking Stock of Research on Policing and the Police
Panel with Jennifer Brown (LSE), Penny Dick (University of Sheffield)
and Nigel Fielding (University of Surrey)

31 October 2018
‘Betwixt and Between’: The Evolution of Parole as a Public Policy Concern in England and Wales
Thomas Guiney (LSE), with a response from Nick Hardwick (Royal Holloway, University of London)

26 September 2018
Atmospheres of Crime and Justice
Alison Young (Melbourne)


Seminar series archive 2017-18

11 October 2017
The Promise of Ethnography: Gangs, Active Offenders and Policy
Scott Decker (Arizona)

8 November 2017
Law, 'Truth' and Criminal Injustice: Case-Studies in Gender and Punishment
Anette Ballinger (Keele)

6 December 2017
Political Violence: A Typology 

Vincenzo Ruggiero (Middlesex)

10 January 2018
Beth Weaver (Strathclyde)

28 February 2018
The Prison Boundary: Between Society and Carceral Space

Jen Turner (Liverpool)

21 March 2018
Transforming Justice: Modernisation in the Lower Criminal Courts

Jenni Ward (Middlesex)

16 May 2018
Panel on ‘Deep Imprisonment' with  Ben Crewe (Cambridge), Alison Liebling (Cambridge), Yvonne Jewkes (Kent)

6 June 2018
The Paradox of Punishment: an Anthropology of Crime, Politics and Welfare at the UK's Margins

Insa Koch (LSE)