Two ships and an airplane at sea

The Philippines and China: Options for Resolving Overlapping Claims in the South China Sea

Tuesday 15th March 2016; 6.30-8.00pm; Room 1.04, New Academic Building (NAB)
Speaker: His Excellency Enrique A. Manalo; Chair: Professor James Putzel

In a move that has been mostly perceived by the international community as provocative, the Philippines instituted proceedings against China concerning its actions in the South China Sea and an Arbitral Tribunal was constituted in 2014. Having established jurisdiction in 2015, the Tribunal is expected to render its final award on the merits of the Philippines’ claims in mid-2016.

Ambassador Manalo’s talk will clarify the Philippine policy on the West Philippine Sea and its understanding of its international treaty obligations under the 1982 LOSC, the UN Charter and the ASEAN Charter. The talk will also examine the Philippine overall position in the area within the context of its relations with ASEAN, China, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. He will explain the nature of the arbitral proceedings and the Philippine commitment in resolving the disputes in a peaceful, amicable process that complies with international law.

This is event is co-hosted by LSE SEAC and the LSESU ASEAN Society.



His Excellency Enrique A. Manalo is Philippine Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s (2011-present), non-resident Philippine Ambassador to Ireland (2013-present) and Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (2011-present) is a career diplomat of the Philippine foreign service.



Professor James Putzel is an Associate of LSE SEAC, Professor of Development Studies and Director of the Crises States Research Centre 2000-2012 at the London School of Economics and Political Science.