A panoramic view over Hong Kong's buildings and bay

Hong Kong: the struggle at the end of history

Tuesday 10th February 2015, 6.30 - 8.00pm; Old Theatre, Old Building
Speakers: Professor Danny Quah, Professor Conor Gearty, Isabella Steger & Raymond Li; Chair: Dr Mukulika Banerjee

The Umbrella Revolution has re-ignited a worldwide debate on democracy in particular, and a battle over success in economic and political governance in general.  What tensions run beneath the surface here? Against a backdrop of pressing global problems elsewhere, why have the dynamics in this small ex British Colony captured the imagination of so much of the world? 

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Professor Conor Gearty is Director of the Institute of Public Affairs and Professor of Human Rights Law at the LSE.



Professor Danny Quah is Director the Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre and Professor of Economics and International Development at the LSE.


Isabella Steger is an LSE graduate and a reporter at the Wall Street Journal, covering news in Hong Kong with a focus on politics.



Raymond Li, BBC Chinese Editor since 2009.




Dr Mukulika Banerjee is Associate Professor in LSE’s Department of Anthropology and Director Designate for LSE’s South Asia Centre. Her most recent book is Why India Votes? (2014).