Camelia Abdelgelil

MPA in Data Science for Public Policy (MPA-DSPP) Class of 2025

I strongly believe that data is a social good shaping the future of policy design and decision-making, and that we are entering a new era of making use of classic and modern forms of data when we address global issues

Camelia Abdelgelil, MPA-DSPP Class of 2025

 Camelia Abdelgelil sq

Name: Camelia Abdelgelil

Programme: MPA Data Science for Public Policy, Class of 2025 

Nationality: Egyptian


Can you tell us about your background and why you chose to study the MPA Data Science for Public Policy programme at SPP? 

I have a background in economics and political science with a specialisation in quantitative methods. I found that regardless of the subject matter, data proved to be an indispensable tool in unravelling the complexities of the past, understanding the nuances of the present, and even forecasting potential futures. 

I went on to work in the field of data and statistics at the United Nations for a couple of years, which opened my eyes more to the continuously developing international data landscape. I realised that this is a new field with so much learn and was therefore not surprised to see that the LSE had just launched the new MPA in Data Science for Public Policy. I decided to apply and here I am! 

How do you think the combination of studying Data Science with public policy will prepare you for your future career goals? 

I strongly believe that data is a social good shaping the future of policy design and decision-making, and that we are entering a new era of making use of classic and modern forms of data when we address global issues. Studying data science will equip me with the technical skills to at least understand complex data and the insights they generate. This understanding is crucial regardless of how much I end up being technical in my future roles.  

Ultimately, whether it is tackling issues related to economic development, social welfare, or sustainability, I am confident that this dual expertise will enable me to drive impactful solutions and contribute meaningfully to the betterment of society. 

What have been some of your takeaways in your studies so far? 

Surprisingly, many current policymakers are in a similar position as we students are; we are still trying to understand how we will navigate some of the emerging issues relating to new technologies such as AI or Big Data. There are many questions relating to the governance, ethics and law of data, and together we need to figure out what the answers will be. 

What makes you feel #partoflse? 

The access I get to a very unique network of people, whether students, professors or fellows. I love the intimate setup in the SPP that allows me to see and chat with everyone on a regular basis.  

What are your favourite memories of student life at SPP so far? 

The mathematics and programming bootcamp in August was quite special because the campus was so calm. It was a great way to bond with my cohort, every day we would go and have lunch in Lincoln’s Inn Fields under the sun. I also love going to the rooftop of the campus, it has such a great view of London.  

Who would you recommend the programme to? 

One of the great features of this programme is that it is catered to such a wide audience, you just need to be passionate about data and public policy. I found that having a prior experience proved to be quite useful in making the most of the MPA-DSPP so far, because it helped me shape my visions and goals for the future. 

Do you have any practical advice for our offer holders who are preparing to join us in September? 

Get a student oyster card as soon as possible – even if you want to take some time in deciding on whether you want to get a bus pass or a travel card, the waiting times for the card become a lot longer from mid-September onwards. Also investigate student accommodation: Sidney Webb halls and Goodenough College halls are great for postgraduate students. 

What are you most looking forward to in your second year? 

Surely the Capstone Project, but also taking more specialised courses in the areas I am interested in.  

What are your plans and ambitions after graduation? 

I am very eager to work more in the field, which I think can be a unique experience compared anything else I have done so far. Eventually I would like to make use of my experiences abroad to be able to give back to my community back home in Egypt.  

Can you describe your SPP experience in three words? 

Rollercoaster. Enlightening. Exciting.


Camelia is happy to connect via LinkedIn.