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Association of Public Policy Students (APPS)

The Association of Public Policy Students (APPS) is the official student association of the School of Public Policy at LSE. 

Our remit involves connecting current students with alumni, developing students’ career potential, engaging the student body in the local community, coordinating social activities and organising a formal Ball at the end of the Winter term.

Our goal is to help all SPP students make the most of their time at the LSE and form meaningful connections with their fellow classmates, SPP faculty and staff, and the broader LSE community.

Meet the APPS Executive Committee



Delfina Imbrosciano

Delfina Imbrosciano is an MPA second-year student from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the president of the Association for Public Policy Students and the Head of the Advocacy team in the Women´s Network. Previously she was representative of the MPA 2023-2024 cohort and vice president of the Argentinian Society. Delfina holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and a master’s degree in economics from Universidad de San Andrés, both situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Before enrolling at LSE, Delfina worked in a macroeconomic consultant firm, a microeconomic consultant firm, the Argentinian National Security ministry, the IDB and the LSE Press, where she vetted a book for Filipe Campante, Federico Sturzenegger and Andrés Velasco. She was also a professor for Universidad de San Andrés and Colegio Rio de la Plata, where she taught microeconomics, macroeconomics, and applied economics.

Delfina is passionate about education, economics, politics, and the application of effective policies to impact people´s lives. She is a defender of equality and women´s rights inside and out LSE.

When she graduates, Delfina wants to become a consultant for politicians, both in Argentina and around the globe. In a longer time, she wants to become a politician herself. In addition, Delfina aims to fund an NGO destined to rescue street dogs, as well as promoting protection polices and legislations against animal maltreatment. 

MPA Vice President


Archee Garg

Archee is an MPA student from India. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Economics hons.) from University of Delhi.

 She has a passion for economics, public administration and policies. A keen interest in economics excites her to equip herself with the analytical skills and tools to address real de facto world policy issues.

The creative skills in which she has won numerous certifications and awards will help turn over new leaf ideas into innovative policy plants.

 As MPA Vice President, Archee is responsible for coordinating the SPP's student buddy system and representing MPA students by having 3 objectives- Inclusivity, Community and Collaboration (ICC).

MPP Vice President




Carlos Ramirez Arroyo

Carlos is an MPA student from Mexico. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Escuela Libre de Derecho in Mexico City. Prior to LSE, he studied a Master in Constitutional Law at the same school.

Carlos worked at Central Bank Regulations Division of the Mexican Central Bank (Banco de México). During this time, he was involved in the implementation of financial and monetary policies in Mexico, mainly regarding market financial infrastructures.


Communications Co-ordinator


Krishigna Kancharla

Krishigna Kancharla is an MPA student hailing from India. She holds a bachelor's degree in public policy and administration at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India in which she double majored in political science and sociology. During the term of her bachelors, she worked with the government institutions like the Ministry of Home Affairs, Narcotics Control Bureau, and as policy analyst in the parliament to comprehend governance dynamics and policymaking firsthand. After graduation, she has taken up the role of Chief Administration Officer at Alwise automobiles and is continuing in this position. 

As she steps in as the Communications Chair, she envisions a space where each individual feels heard and valued, where effective communication is the cornerstone of collaboration and a community bound by genuine connections with an approach that is straightforward, collaborative, inclusive and centered on relatable dialogue. 


Careers and Alumni Co-ordinator


Community Engagement Coordinator


MPA Social Co-Chairs


Erik Caballero

Erick Caballero-Elizalde is an MPA student from Mexico City, Mexico. He holds a bachelor's degree in Economics with a concentration in economic growth policy and studied selected courses from the Mathematics bachelor's program, both at the National University of Mexico (UNAM).

Before enrolling at LSE, Erick worked as a research assistant for the Dean of the Graduate School of Economics at UNAM and also in the Consultative Forum of the Science and Technology National Council of Mexico. From 2015 to 2018, he served as a Legislative Advisor on the Public Finance Committee of the Congress of Mexico City and as a Senior Advisor for the Constitutional Assembly in Mexico City, focusing on economic policy, public debt, and public revenue and expenditure Committees.

In 2019, Erick assumed the role of Chief Strategist Officer for the National Action Party (PAN) in Mexico City. And for the 2021 election, they increased their percentage of votes from 15% to 26%, establishing the party as the foremost opposition electoral force in the most significant state in Mexico.

At LSE, Erick's goal is to specialize in Economic Policy, with a specific focus on how promoting strategic industries investments can lead to economic growth, improving well-being for its people.

As a Social Co-Chair, Erick is enthusiastic about creating activities that bring together students from diverse backgrounds worldwide. His aim is to foster an environment where students can exchange ideas and experiences, facilitating mutual learning and enriching their academic journey at LSE.


Aditi Pandey

Aditi Pandey is an MPA student from India . She is the Social Co-Chair of Association for Public Policy Students and Head of the Advocacy of Womxn’s Network, School of Public Policy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and International Business from Christ University , Bengaluru. Before enrolling at LSE, she worked as an advocate for menstrual health accessibility in India; breaking taboos and creating awareness. She also worked as a political campaign manager and social media strategist for the Punjab State Elections 2022. She is passionate about access to education for all and has  spent three years teaching underprivileged children and formulating education policies for an Non Profit.   

Aditi is a staunch advocate for women's rights and is passionate about universal education access, social impact, and sustainable finance. She has learnt a lot from her peers at her MPA Year 1 and eagerly anticipates representing student voices, fostering stronger connections, and enhancing student welfare as the APPS Social Co-Chair.  Aditi's hobbies span across travel, skateboarding, and literature. An  enthusiastic coffee aficionado, she delights in exploring diverse cuisines .  

MPP Social Co-Chair


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