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Dr Katerina Glyniadaki

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Migration Policy

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Dr. Katerina Glyniadaki is a Teaching Fellow at the School of Public Policy and the Master’s programme in Public Administration.  

Her research focuses on the implementation of migration policies and takes an interdisciplinary, comparative approach. She is especially interested in how those at the frontlines of social service delivery make decisions under conditions of high uncertainty. She examines the role of individual identities in the street-level bureaucrats’ decision-making processes and what this means for policy outcomes. Her research contributes to the field of Public Administration, and street-level bureaucracy in particular.  

Currently, she is working on a research project concerning return migration in West Africa, in collaboration with Dr. Nora Ratzmann and Ms. Julia Stier. This project focuses on Senegalese migrant returnees who have previously attempted to or migrated to Europe and are now active in implementing migration information initiatives, funded by international donors. The project investigates how these actors construe their role as ‘migration experts’ and how, in turn, that shapes the (anti-) migration message they ultimately convey to their compatriots.   

Dr. Glyniadaki holds a PhD in European Studies (LSE) as well as an MA in Sociology (University of California, Riverside) and an MPhil is Social Psychology (University of Cambridge). She also has experience in public administration, having worked for the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens, and the Embassy of Greece in Dakar, Senegal. 

Recent Articles: 

Glyniadaki, K. (2022). Street-Level Actors, Migrants, and Gender: Dealing with Divergent Perspectives. Administration & Society, 1-28 

Glyniadaki, K. (2021). Mixed Services and Mediated Deservingness: Access to Housing for Migrants in Greece. Social Policy and Society, 20(3):464-474 

Glyniadaki, K. (2021). Towards Street-Level Communities of Practice? The Implications of Actor Diversification in Migration Management in Athens and Berlin, Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, 19(3):258-271 

Expertise Details

Migration Policy; Street-level Bureaucracy; Public Administration