GPPN Conference 2024

Congratulations to all our students who represented the LSE School of Public Policy (SPP) at the annual Global Public Policy Network (GPPN) conference, which this year was hosted by Sciences Po in Paris. 

It was a huge opportunity to expand my network with schools and policy-makers from all over the world.

Angelo Leone, MPA-DSPP student and GPPN participant

Group Photo 1Matthieu Contamin, Maria Paz Valdivia Iglesias, Tomas Martinez Adalid, Angelo Leone, Mariaclara Jeria Navarro, Penelope Puri Negri, Juliana Barberena, Maria Fernanda Delgado Alva, Ivona Feldmarova, Amy Lemyre, Lisa Darves-Blanc, Maite Levi and Bruno Chereque Lizarzaburu.


We were pleased to be represented by five student teams from across our MPA, MPP, MPA in Data Science for Public Policy and MPA double degree programmes. We are so proud of all our amazing teams and the hard work they put in before and during the conference.

Our SPP students joined participants from across the GPPN network, comprised of eight of the world’s most prestigious policy schools, to connect, and discuss this year’s conference theme ‘policy proposals to reduce the impact of climate change on vulnerable population and territory’.

As part of the annual conference competition, student teams had the opportunity to put their policy skills into practice by developing projects to address an important policy challenge. They were tasked with first identifying a pressing policy issue and then working together to analyse and select potential solutions which they could present to an expert panel.

Our five SPP teams pursued projects which addressed a range of global policy issues including water scarcity in Mayotte, drought impacts on Malawian agriculture, and mitigating deforestation in the Amazon.

Cacay 4

'Cacay - Oil to Protect the Amazon' group presenting at the GPPN 2024


Teams were invited to present their projects and receive feedback from the Deans of the GPPN schools, including LSE School of Public Policy Associate Dean Tony Travers, who noted that “the GPPN conference provided a great opportunity for LSE students to put their skills into action. We witnessed five excellent presentations any one of which was the basis for real-world policy.”

A special congratulations to María Fernanda Delgado Alva, Bruno Chereque Lizarzaburu and Angelo Leone, whose project on ‘Boosting the adoption of drought-tolerant seeds among smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe’ made it through to the final round of the conference.

We look forward to further collaborations and connections with our GPPN colleagues and to inviting future students to take part in the annual conference.

Zimbabwe with TT PS 16.9

Tony Travers, Bruno Chereque Lizarzaburuno, Maria Fernanda Delgado Alva, Angelo Leone and Paul Sullivan.