Central Bank Digital Currencies: international and domestic challenges

Thursday 22- Friday 23 April, 2021
Online Conference



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Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are about changing scope and geography of central bank money. For domestic generalised use, a retail CBDC could be offered as an alternative payment medium and provide a new payments infrastructure while offering innovative approaches to taxation and other fiscal operations. For international use, CBDC has now been elevated to the international economic policy agenda by the G20 as an instrument to improve international payments and may be conducive towards recalibrating the relative attractiveness of national currencies also as earlier stipulated by the ECB.

The objective of the conference was to address current cutting edge questions related to the development and deployment of CBDC bringing together scholars, central banks, banks, and fintech companies to facilitate an inter-active and inter-disciplinary dialogue on the relationship between CBDC and new roles for central bank money. The conference aimed to offer the best possible insights about and serve as reference for CBDC.


 Day 1
Thursday, 22 April, 2.00pm-6.00pm (BST)

International Challenges


Opening remarks by the Chairs of the conference

Andrés Velasco, Dean, School of Public Policy, LSE

Ricardo Reis, Professor, Department of Economics and Director, Centre for Macroeconomics, LSE

Ousmène Mandeng, Visiting Fellow, LSE and Senior Advisor, Accenture

Session 1: International payment problems and CBDC

Moderator: Ousmène Mandeng, LSE and Accenture.

Speakers: Daniel Heller, Fnality International; Keyu Jin, LSE; Tim Masela, South African Reserve Bank; David Mills, Federal Reserve System; Jürgen Schaaf, European Central Bank.

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Session 2: Jurisdictional and regulatory boundaries

Moderator: Laetitia Grimaud-Agaesse, Natixis.

Speakers: Philipp Haene, BIS Innovation Hub; Richard Hay, Linklaters; Christian Pfister, Banque de France.

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Session 3: Inter-operability between DLT platforms

Moderator: Peter Bramm, SAP.

Speakers: Ricardo Correia, R3; Darko Pilav, Digital Asset; Matthieu Saint Olive, ConsenSys; Kathy Yuan, LSE.

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 Day 2
Friday, 23 April, 3.00pm-5.15pm (BST)

Domestic Challenges


Session 1 : Do we need retail CBDC and why?

Moderator: Lee McNabb, NatWest.

Speakers: Christian Catalini, Diem Association; Scott Hendry, Bank of Canada; Björn Segendorf, Sveriges Riksbank; John Whelan, Banco Santander.

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Session 2: CBDC and fiscal operations

Moderator: Piroska Nagy-Mohácsi, Macroeconomic Advisory Group.

Speakers: Ousmène Mandeng, LSE and Accenture; Ian Roxan, LSE; Gerardo Uña, IMF.

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