Hat throwing at Graduation

Raphaelle Delmotte

MPA Public Policy and Management

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, International Growth Centre
Class of 2011

Raphaelle Delmotte


Raphaelle Delmotte

MPA alumna

Before joining the LSE MPA programme…

I studied international relations and development economics at McGill University in Montreal. I then worked at the European Space Policy Institute in Vienna and UNESCAP in Bangkok, on the role of space applications for disaster preparedness/response and longer term economic development.

Why did you choose to join the LSE’s MPA programme?

I wanted a programme which would be practical and hands-on, allowing me to develop transferable skills which I could then use to work in international development. The fact that it was a two year programme with a capstone project was very attractive. Two years means forging long term relationships but also getting a chance to go beyond core courses to gain further knowledge in specific sectors, in my case economic development. The Capstone project was a great experience of team work and leadership, requiring balancing the requirements of the programme with those of our client organisation.

How has the LSE MPA programme influenced your career?

The skills I have gained during the MPA have been crucial in getting a job in international development consultancy. In particular, econometrics courses ended up giving me the required analytical tools to understand policy-making in a structured manner. Development economics was also tremendously useful in understanding where the knowledge of interventions and policies which work or not currently stand. After almost 3 years working in an international development consultancy, I now work at the International Growth Centre, where all the knowledge and skills gained from the MPA come in handy. In particular: being able to understand Randomised Control Trials and other econometric methodologies, have a broad knowledge of economic issues (budgeting and political science classes are particularly helpful) and understanding public sector management and challenges.

What one piece of advice would you give to a future MPA student?

Enjoy, work hard, and don’t despair on econometrics, its usefulness becomes very apparent in the second term of the first year!