Jose Manuel Otero

MPA Public and Economic Policy

Analyst, European Investment Bank
Class of 2017



Jose Manuel Otero Barros

MPA alumnus

What were you doing before the MPA?

Right before joining the programme I was working at the Spanish state-owned National Promotional Bank (called ICO) following a traineeship at the DG for EU affairs at the government of my region in Spain, Galicia.

Previously I studied Economics at the University of Vigo and a LLB at the Carlos III University of Madrid (both bachelors in Spain), spending a year in Rio de Janeiro, where I also worked for a Brazilian and also a German think tank.

Why did you choose the MPA programme at LSE?

I have a special interest on public policy, always wanted to contribute from a technical and practical point of view to the development and implementation of policies in order to have an impact on people lives.

When a friend told me about the MPA, I found the opportunity to mix my education and work experiences with my passion in economic policy and public appraisal, a programme that would enable me to turn my personal interests into a professional career with an international approach. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to build quantitative and analytical skills at the same time so that you keep a wide range of career options open in both the public and private sectors. 

What has been your favourite aspect of the programme?

This is by far the easiest question: it is the people you meet. The MPA allows you to build a network of friends and professionals around you that might influence the way you see things, the way you understand politics, or the way you want to develop your future career.

How has the LSE MPA programme influenced your career?

Broadened my way of thinking, and allowed me to really understand how to influence politics from both a technical and a political point of view. I had the chance to discovered new sectors, institutions, and companies where I would like to develop my future career.

Furthermore, the Capstone project gave me the opportunity to enhance a multitude of valuable skills, such as leadership, organization and teamwork while learning about new topics which helped me to shape my career path.

What would be your top tip for an incoming student?

The MPA is a unique opportunity to learn from your peers and professors. Challenge yourself, enjoy your time in London, try to discover the city and the people surrounding you, you will be surprised about what you can find. Furthermore, take advantage of all the courses from other master’s, conferences and seminars that LSE offers.