Siddharth Merchant

MPA Dual Degree (LSE and Hertie)

Class of 2016

 I will always remember the SPP for its riveting conversations with students and professors...

Siddharth works with the Blue Economy Division at World Bank Group.

Siddharth Merchant, MPA

The School of Public Policy was an intellectually stimulating place. I will always remember the SPP for its riveting conversations with students and professors. We didn’t shy away from applying new concepts (at the time Nudges were all the rave) and testing established theories to our thesis, our assignments, and even our capstone.

After extensively researching past graduate profiles, capstone projects and a rigorous curriculum, I was convinced that the SPP was the right choice. The program balances theory and practical experiences in a way to ground students before choosing their career trajectory. While undertaking the MPA program, particularly the Capstone, I learned a lot about my professional interests and strengths which helped shape my career towards the Development Sector.

Currently I work with the Blue Economy Division, South Asia Region at the World Bank Group in Mumbai, India. Since 2019, I’ve worked on a Coastal Zone Management Program that aims to integrate science and planning in the Government of India’s decision-making process while managing India’s 7,500 kms long coastline. The program invests in disruptive technology, climate-smart infrastructure and institutional strengthening to boost vulnerable coastal livelihoods, abate marine pollution, and improve conservation efforts: thereby stimulating India’s untapped Blue Economy and supporting the NDCs to Paris COP21.

Courses in Developmental Economics and Public Management along with the Capstone developed my analytical skills which I was able to leverage while supporting the government on evidence-based policymaking. While working at the World Bank with government clients has been a steep learning curve, the SPP’s focus on developing skill sets and offering real world experiences has significantly helped me along the way.

While pursuing the MPA program, I was given sage advice to never miss a class, select a Capstone with the intention of learning and sector-interest (and not potential employability), experiment with new courses or internships, interact with as many students as possible, and to network fervently (after all, you’re at the center of London!). Don’t forget to enjoy your time at the SPP - again, you’re literally at the center of London!

Siddarth is happy to connect via LinkedIn.