Matt Billet


Class of 2020

I left the LSE with an understanding and knowledge base of sustainable finance and with a highly transferrable evidence-based policymaking skillset. I’m extremely grateful to have learned from such a diverse network of faculty, practitioners and classmates that further enriched the experience.

Matt is a Sustainable Finance Analyst at Moody’s Corporation 

Matt Billet
Matt Billet, MPA

After completing my undergraduate degree, I began my career at KPMG in New York. I had the opportunity to learn and apply a consulting skillset – this included how to best work as part of a team to achieve a shared goal, how to manage client relationships, and how to become a subject matter professional in the financial regulatory space. Whilst I appreciated the work, my colleagues and my clients, I was motivated to apply to the LSE Master of Public Administration (MPA) so that I could broaden my skills and experiences - specifically in the quantitative methods space - in order to engage in an increasingly data-driven policy and regulatory environment.

Matt is happy to connect on LinkedIn.