Jettie Word

MPA International Development

Class of 2012

I’m incredibly thankful to have a job that I love and that I can continue to grow.

Jettie is the Executive Director at The Borneo Project, an NGO bringing international attention and support to community-led efforts to defend forests, sustainable livelihoods, and human rights.

Jettie Word, MPA

The MPA programme at LSE helped me hone in on my passion and develop the skills I needed to take the next steps in my career. The first year provided me with a solid background, learning with a group of extremely motivated students from around the world. The professors and staff were all enthusiastic, dedicated and generous with their time.

I took advantage of the MPA consortium network to complete the second year of the program at Sciences Po in Paris, where I was able to build on what I had learned in my first year. The coursework at LSE and Science Po led me directly to my current job as Executive Director of The Borneo Project, an NGO in Berkeley, California. The Borneo Project is an NGO that supports Indigenous-led forest protection and land rights in Malaysian Borneo.

At The Borneo Project I’ve had the opportunity to dive deep into the intersection of climate justice, Indigenous rights, and forest protection. I work with an incredible group of folks from around the world on issues that matter: I’ve met with federal officials to help facilitate the creation of an Indigenous-managed protected area, and I’ve been to blockades against logging companies and oil palm companies to document land grabbing and human rights abuses. I’m incredibly thankful to have a job that I love and that I can continue to grow.