Gustavo A.Vargas Victoria

MPA Dual Degree (LSE and Hertie)

Class of 2015

The best part of being a MPAer is the opportunity to study and socialize with highly qualified and driven fellows that will also become good friends...

Gustavo is a Financial Analyst at the International Finance Corporation

Gustavo A. Vargas Victoria, MPA

My name is Gustavo and I am a financial analyst working in the Blended Finance Department of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group. I graduated from the MPA program in 2015 after pursuing a Dual Degree from the LSE and the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.  

As a financial analyst, I work on the structuring of climate infrastructure operations using market-based solutions to crowd in private sector financing to projects with high development impact. Prior to joining IFC, I worked as a consultant at both the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. As a consultant, I supported national governments in the design and implementation of agricultural and forestry sector projects aimed at reducing carbon emission from deforestation and degradation in Latin America, and the South East Asia and Pacific regions. 

It was during my undergraduate in Colombia that I realized I wanted to pursue a career in development. After working at my hometown’s Chamber of Commerce for a year, I decided to advance my career at a top tier school in Europe. The truth is that I always wanted to go to LSE. After researching the MPA program, I decided that this was the best option to help me achieve my career goals. I particularly liked the structure of the program and the possibility to complement my studies at the LSE with pursuing a dual degree at a different top school. Thanks to this option I was able to move to Berlin and to continue my career in Germany after graduating from the program.

I will admit that the first weeks at the MPA can be challenging. The move to London mixed with the need to quickly determine the focus of your studies, while simultaneously applying for summer internships, may all seem overwhelming. However, after a couple of weeks of settling in, you quickly start enjoying everything that the LSE and the MPA have to offer. The lectures and quality of professors do not disappoint. MPA program’s staff and staff counseling are simply great and provide support to help students succeed. Above all else, the best part of being a MPAer is the opportunity to study and socialize with highly qualified and driven fellows that will also become good friends.

One of the things about the program I enjoyed the most was the combination of courses that focused on developing rigorous quantitative skills in addition to enhancing your ability to critically analyze policy from both a theoretical and a pragmatic point of view. This combination of skills was particularly helpful when I decided to later pursue a career in development finance and is critical to advancing in any professional career. The MPA imparts a drive-in to students to do better and provides life-long lessons that you will take with you into the professional world.