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Share your expertise

Support our community through sharing expertise and advice - we always appreciate hearing from you!

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+ Join one of our regular online networking panels, where alumni share their experiences and answer questions from interested students. Panels normally focus around a sector or a skillset, and are held throughout Autumn and Winter Term.

+ Take part in our 'Ask an Alum' Student Support Scheme. Alumni are matched with students to participate in three meetings throughout the year, answering questions about their professional life and encouraging students in their next steps.

+ Sign up as either a Regional Alumni Ambassador or a Career Alumni Ambassador to answer ad hoc questions from our wider community.

+ Take part in an alumni event - we always want to showcase our alumni's expertise to the wider community, so if you have a story to tell we'd love to hear it.

+ Register interest in being connected with students via email for career advice on an ad-hoc basis.

+ Register interest in taking part in academic Q&A sessions or Policy in Practice seminars.

+ Share your story through our Alumni in Action profile project.

To register interest in any of these initiatives, please email the SPP Alumni Team.



Making a Gift

Support our community through sharing expertise and advice - we always appreciate hearing from you!

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Over the next few years, the SPP is seeking to support the student experience outside the setting of the classroom, supporting participation in relevant conferences and seminars, and fundraising for financial aid for our students.

Support from our wider community will help us do just this - visit our Giving Page to find out how you might support us financially.





Get involved in a Capstone Project

Do you remember your MPA Capstone project? We're always looking for new partners, and would love for you to be involved.

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The MPA Capstone offers organisations a professional and fresh-thinking consultative service free of charge. The Capstone is designed to give students the experience of group work on a real-world public policy project, while making minimal demands on clients.

If you are interested in being a Capstone partner, you can find out more here.



Promote the SPP

The testimonies of our alumni have a huge impact on encouraging new students to join the SPP and begin their own policy journey.

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Our alumni community plays a vital role in supporting our current and incoming students by sharing their insights and experiences. If you would like to support our efforts to connect with incoming students and grow the SPP community please get in touch with our SPP Student Recruitment Manager Georgina Whitham at