EMPA Graduation 2015

Shiri Leventhal

Executive MPA Class of 2016

Investment Manager at Indigenous Business Australia

Before joining the EMPA I was...

Working with a large multinational bank in London and seeking more fulfilment and an opportunity to transition my career towards development finance or impact investing. I am now working as an Investment Manager for a government fund in Australia that invests in economic development programs for Aboriginal Australians, which includes investing in social impact bonds, remote infrastructure projects and remote businesses/enterprises.

Why did you choose the EMPA?

I chose the EMPA programme as it gave me the flexibility and financial security to continue working while studying, while also ensuring a quality educational experience through access to the same material, professors and networks as the full time LSE MPA program. 

How has the EMPA influenced your career?

The EMPA programme influenced my career by helping me to focus more on my areas of interest, which for me were income inequality and access to finance, and by doing so gave me the push and contacts I needed to seek out job opportunities related to these areas.

What was your favourite thing about the EMPA?  

My favourite thing about the EMPA programme were the classroom discussions and interactions with the other students during the week-long resident sessions. We all came from such diverse backgrounds, countries, cultures and professional experiences, that it enabled really rich discussions and opportunities for learning from each other. This was sometimes more valuable than the actual course material.

I'd suggest making sure you commit appropriate time for each course, especially the week-long resident sessions. Removing distractions and work from your day job is hard to do, but ensures you get the most out of the experience and make strong connections with the other students, which will benefit you after the programme finishes.