EMPA Graduation 2015

Mike Lynch

Executive MPA Class of 2016

Chief Human Potential Officer at DAQRI

Mike Lynch


Mike Lynch

EMPA alumnus

Before joining the EMPA I was…

Working as the Deputy Chief of Staff for a United States Member of Congress. I was responsible for economic development, policy for the foreign affairs committee, and running the 5 District offices. Prior to that I was a brand manager for a global pharmaceutical company and led business development efforts for the east coast sales force.

Why did you choose the EMPA?

I was looking for a program with a world-class reputation that would help provide academic training to build upon the work I was doing in my job. Also, I wanted to be in a program that would have classmates that were top professionals from around the world. LSE exceeded that as the academic course work and the calibre of the students in the program were truly top notch.

How has the EMPA influenced your career?

It has helped me tremendously as LSE does a really good job of bridging the public and private impacts of policy decisions. During the program, I left the government and returned to the private sector. I found my studies to be directly applicable to accelerating my career growth not just in government, but also in the private sector. In my current position, I am responsible for global government affairs for a multinational corporation where I am constantly utilizing my experience at LSE to successfully do my role.

What was your favourite thing about the EMPA?

No doubt the people associated with the program. My classmates were amazing and remain good friends to date. The faculty and team working with the program partnered with each person and helped make this an incredible experience that I will forever look back on as one of the best decisions I have made both personally and professionally.