Modern Foreign Language Certificate course guides 2017/18

LN701 Arabic: Level One (Standard)

LN702 Arabic: Level One (Fast Track for Learners Familiar with Arabic Script)

LN703 Arabic: Level Two (Standard)

LN704 Arabic: Level Two (Fast Track)

LN705 Arabic: Level Three (Standard)

LN707 Arabic: Level Four (Standard)

LN709 Arabic: Level Five (Current Issues)

LN711 Mandarin: Level 1 (Standard)

LN712 Mandarin: Level 1 (Fast Track)

LN713 Mandarin: Level 2 (Standard)

LN714 Mandarin: Level 2 (Fast Track)

LN715 Mandarin: Level 3 (Standard)

LN716 Mandarin: Level 3 (Fast Track)

LN717 Mandarin: Level 4 (Standard)

LN718 Mandarin: Level 4 (Fast Track)

LN719 Mandarin: Level 5 (Standard)

LN721 French: Level One (Standard)

LN722 French: Level One (Fast Track)

LN723 French: Level Two (Standard)

LN724 French: Level Two (Fast Track)

LN726 French: Level Three (CIA Courtauld Institute of Art)

LN727 French: Level Three (Standard)

LN728 French: Level Three (Fast Track)

LN729 French: Level Four (Standard)

LN730 French: Level Four (Fast Track)

LN734 French: Level Five (Management and Business)

LN735 French: Level Five (Writing)

LN737 French: Level Five (Legal Issues)

LN738 French: Level 5 (European Issues)

LN741 French: Level 5 (Current Issues)

LN742 German: Level One (Standard)

LN744 German: Level One (Fast Track)

LN746 German: Level Two (Standard)

LN748 German: Level Two (Fast Track)

LN750 German: Level Three (Standard)

LN751 German: Level Three (Fast Track)

LN752 German: Level Four (Standard)

LN753 German: Level Four (Fast Track)

LN754 German: Level Five (Current Issues)

LN758 Italian: Level One (Standard)

LN759 Italian: Level One (Fast Track)

LN760 Italian: Level Two (Standard)

LN761 Italian: Level Three (Standard)

LN764 Japanese: Level One (Standard)

LN766 Japanese: Level One (Fast Track)

LN768 Japanese: Level Two (Fast Track)

LN769 Japanese: Level Three (Fast Track)

LN772 Russian: Level One (Standard)

LN773 Russian: Level One (Super Standard)

LN774 Russian: Level Two (Standard)

LN775 Russian: Level Three (Standard)

LN776 Russian: Level Four (Standard)

LN778 Spanish: Level One (Standard)

LN779 Spanish: Level One (Fast Track)

LN780 Spanish: Level Two (Standard)

LN781 Spanish: Level Two (Fast Track)

LN782 Spanish: Level Three (Standard)

LN783 Spanish: Level Three (Fast Track)

LN785 Spanish: Level Four (Standard)

LN788 Spanish: Level Five (Current Issues)

LN789 Spanish: Level Five (Culture and Society)

LN790 Spanish: Level Five (Standard)

LN792 Portuguese: Level One (Standard)

LN799 Italian: Level One (CIA)

LN803 Spanish: Level Four (Fast Track)

LN805 Spanish: Level One (Standard for speakers on non Indo-European languages)

LN808 Mandarin Chinese: Level Five (Fast Track)

LN810 Japanese: Level Four (Standard)

LN811 Korean: Level One (Standard)

LN812 Catalan: Level Four (Standard)

LN813 Japanese: Level Four (Media and Culture)

LN814 Mandarin: Level Five (Current Issues)

LN815 Russian: Level One (Fast Track)

LN816 Russian: Level Three (Fast Track)

LN817 Russian: Level Five (Current Issues)

LN818 Portuguese: Level One (Fast track)

LN819 Portuguese: Level Two (Standard)

LN820 Korean: Level 2 (Standard)

LN821 Mandarin: Level 5 (Legal Issues)

LN822 Mandarin: Level 5 (China Issues)

LN823 Mandarin: Level 5 (Advanced Reading)

LN824 Spanish: Level One (Super Standard)

LN825 Arabic Level 1 (Levantine Dialect)

LN826 Mandarin for Business (Leading to BCT- A)

LN827 Mandarin for Business (Leading to BCT-B1)

LN828 Mandarin for Business (Leading to BCT- B2)

LN829 Arabic: Level One (Integrated Approach)