French: Level Five (Legal Issues)

This information is for the 2017/18 session.

Teacher responsible

Mr Pierre Dagonnot TW3 6.01, Miss Florence Niclot TW3.6.01D and Mr Francois Simon TW3.6.01K


  • 400 hours including self study (16+) Good A-Level pass. More than eight years at secondary school level. High level of ORAL fluency in the language.
  • Admission to the course upon completion of online level test and tutor’s approval during needs analysis.
  • You will need to show and demonstrate a special interest in the topic or being in the process of studying it .
  • This course is best suited to LLM / LLB students.

Course content

  • Course Aim: To be able to read and understand French specialised press, news and articles.
  • You will also be able to discuss current topics and their effects on the French Legal system.
  • To learn how to express logical argumentation in French.
  • To improve pronunciation by recording your voice via Wimba (Moodle).
  • To find it helpful to discuss views with other French students and exchange documents using Moodle, should collaboration arise with French University.
  • To bring students to level C1 - C2 of CEFR. Communicative Content:
  • To introduce a topic in the field of the law. To develop and describe particular points.
  • To make an appropriate conclusion.
  • To describe a situation.
  • To describe the context of an event.
  • To express and justify opinions.
  • To agree, disagree and justify a choice.
  • To introduce someone to the advantages and disadvantages of an option.
  • To propose, accept or refuse.
  • To conclude and adopt a recommendation.
  • To express feelings.
  • To speak about an event (past/present/future) and explain circumstances, causes and consequences.
  • To debate and interact confidently in a discussion. To compare with other legal systems. Structural Content: Listening comprehension, oral presentation, occasional revision of major grammatical points and key tenses and introduction to different registers and literary styles.
  • Topical issues through the analysis of legal texts in French on a weekly basis.


16 hours of lectures in the MT. 4 hours of lectures in the LT.

Please refer to the LSE timetable for course teaching arrangements.

Indicative reading

No textbook.


Continuous assessment (70%) in the MT and LT.
Oral examination (30%) in the LT.

Key facts

Department: Language Studies

Total students 2016/17: 3

Average class size 2016/17: 3

Guidelines for interpreting course guide information

Personal development skills

  • Self-management
  • Team working
  • Problem solving
  • Application of information skills
  • Communication