Not available in 2017/18
Catalan: Level Four (Standard)

This information is for the 2017/18 session.

Teacher responsible

Ms Ester Pou Jutglar TW3 6.01


This is an intermediate course and students should have previously learnt to use the language with a certain degree of autonomy and effectiveness in the usual communicative situations. Admission into the course upon completion of level test and tutor’s approval during the needs analysis session.

Course content

To develop the ability to use Catalan effectively for purposes of a wide range of practical communication, and reading comprehension in a variety of contexts with an acceptable degree of precision and fluency. To establish the skills, language and attitudes required to promote and facilitate further study of Catalan. To bring the students to level B2 of CEFR.


16 hours of classes in the MT. 22 hours of classes in the LT. 2 hours of classes in the ST.

This is a 40 hour-course. Please refer to the LSE timetable for course teaching arrangements.

Structural Content:

Revision of present tenses; Revision of past tenses; Contrast between past tenses; Contrast between “ser” and “estar”; Subjunctive tenses and their use; Correlation between verbal tenses; Conditional clauses; Impersonal clauses; Relative clauses; Causal, consecutive and final clauses; Links between clauses; Reported speech; Use of clitic pronouns (“pronoms febles”); Use of prepositions “per” and “per a”; Forming words; Idiomatic expressions; Verbal periphrasis (perífrasis verbals).

Communicative content:

Expressing emotions and feelings; Expressing desires and preference; Expressing suggestions, advice and opinions; Paraphrasing; Organising a complex oral speech; Organising a complex written discourse; Summarising.

Talking about current issues related to the social sciences within the context of Catalan speaking area: Politics in Catalonia, relationship with Spain and the EU context, Identity, Sociolinguistic issues, Gender, Media, Art, Cinema, amongst other.

Formative coursework

Students will be expected to produce 10 pieces of coursework in the MT and LT.

Continuous Assessment (70%) consisting of 10 pieces of coursework set by the class teacher to be handed in, either electronically or as hardcopy, at set deadlines.

Indicative reading

Mas Prats, Marta; Vilagrasa Grandia, Albert (2008). Veus. Curs de català. Llibre de l'alumne. Nivell 3. Barcelona: PAMSA.


Continuous assessment (70%) in the MT and LT.
Oral examination (30%) in the LT.


Key facts

Department: Language Studies

Total students 2016/17: 7

Average class size 2016/17: 6

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