Spanish: Level Three (Standard)

This information is for the 2017/18 session.

Teacher responsible

Mr Esteban Lozano TW1 6.01


This is a lower intermediate course. Students should have previously learnt ... see description of "Communicative content" and "Structural Content" of Level 2 Fast Track (LN781). Admission into the course upon completion of level test and tutor's approval during the needs analysis session. For students who are able to interact in a variety of familiar contexts without major difficulties.

Course content

Course aims:

  • To develop the ability to use Spanish effectively for purposes of practical communication and reading comprehension and reading comprehension in a variety of contexts.
  • To establish the skills, language and attitudes required to promote and facilitate further study of Spanish.
  • To bring the students to level B1 of CEFR.

Communicative content:

  • Describing people and places.
  • Talking about the past.
  • Relating actions in the past.
  • Expressing wishes plans for the future and doubts.
  • Summarizing.
  • Giving opinions and judgements.
  • Expressing hypothesis and certainty.
  • Comparing possibilities.

Structural content:

  • Revision of past tenses.
  • Contrast of past tenses.
  • Time expressions.
  • Contrast between Ser and Estar.
  • Links between clauses.
  • Introduction to the subjunctive.
  • Future and conditional.
  • Imperative positive and negative.
  • Introduction to the subjunctive: expressing likes and dislikes, plans for the future, expressing hope and fear, “I don´t think”.
  • Impersonal clauses.
  • Conditional tense


16 hours of classes in the MT. 22 hours of classes in the LT. 2 hours of classes in the ST.

This is a 40 hour-course. Please refer to the LSE timetable for course teaching arrangements.

Indicative reading

Study Pack. The course teacher will advise on the relevant grammar book at the beginning of the course.


Continuous assessment (70%) in the MT and LT.
Oral examination (30%) in the LT.

Key facts

Department: Language Studies

Total students 2016/17: 16

Average class size 2016/17: 15

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