French: Level 5 (European Issues)

This information is for the 2017/18 session.

Teacher responsible

Mr Pierre Dagonnot TW3 6.01, Miss Florence Niclot TW3 6.01 D and Mr Francois Simon TW3 6.01K


400 hours including self study (16+).

Good A-Level pass.

More than eight years at secondary school level.

High level of ORAL fluency in the language.

Admission to the course upon completion of online level test and tutor’s approval during needs analysis.

You will need to demonstrate during the interview a special interest in the topic.

Course content

Course Aim:

  • To develop the ability to use French effectively for purposes of practical communication and reading/listening comprehension with an understanding of the major social and political issues in France/Francophone countries from a European point of view.
  • To bring students to level C1 - C2 of CEFR. Communicatvie


  • To develop and describe particular points.
  • To make an appropriate conclusion.
  • To describe a situation.
  • To describe the context of an event.
  • To express and justify opinions.
  • To agree, disagree and justify a choice.
  • To introduce someone to the advantages and disadvantages of an option.
  • To propose, accept or refuse. To negotiate and find a compromise.
  • To conclude and adopt a resolution.
  • To express feelings.
  • To speak about an event (past/present/ future) and explain circumstances , causes and consequences.
  • To debate and interact confidently in a discussion.

Structural Content:

  • Listening comprehension, oral presentation, occasional revision of major grammatical points and key tenses and introduction to different registers and literary styles.
  • Topical issues through the analysis of texts in French on a weekly basis such as: European integration from a French perspective, European Institutions, the constitution of the European Union, Economic and Monetary Union, Immigration in Europe, Languages and Education in Europe.


16 hours of classes in the MT. 4 hours of classes in the LT.

Please refer to the LSE timetable for course teaching arrangements.

Indicative reading

No textbook. "compilation de documents" to be distributed in class.


Continuous assessment (70%) in the MT and LT.
Oral examination (30%) in the LT.

Key facts

Department: Language Studies

Total students 2016/17: 7

Average class size 2016/17: 7

Guidelines for interpreting course guide information

Personal development skills

  • Self-management
  • Team working
  • Problem solving
  • Application of information skills
  • Communication