Arabic: Level Five (Current Issues)

This information is for the 2017/18 session.

Teacher responsible

Mr Luay Hasan TW3.6.01


  • Students should command (at both written and oral level) … see description of “Communicative content” and “Structural Content” of Level 4 (LN707). Admission into the course after completion of level test and tutor’s approval.
  • A high level of oral fluency expected from students. 
  • This course is suitable for students wanting to improve Modern Standard Arabic to an advanced level.
  • To focus on oral skills while reviewing some grammar key points.
  • To focus on current issues related to the Arab World.
  • Students should be motivated to study and research independently.

Course content

Course aims

  • To extend the ability to use Arabic effectively for purposes of general communication in a variety of academic, social and work-related contexts
  • To develop a high degree of independence and flexibility in Arabic
  • To understand and analyse complex texts about culture and society in Arabic speaking countries
  • To establish specific linguistic skills and strategies required to communicate about current issues in Arabic speaking countries
  • Level C1 of Common European Framework

Communicative content

Advanced Arabic language with reference to the Arabic media through selected written and audivisual texts covering a number of key current topics in the Arab World.

  • Logical argumentation
  • Issues of group dynamic
  • Reading, summarising and processing
  • information of complex texts
  • Understanding and using complex and
  • authentic language
  • Leading a discussion: expressing an opinion,
  • agreement, disagreement
  • Exchanging specific information

Structural content

Contextualised revision of some grammar points agreed with the students.


8 hours of classes in the MT. 11 hours of classes in the LT. 1 hour of classes in the ST.

This is a 20 hour-course. Please refer to the LSE timetable for course teaching arrangements.

Indicative reading

Materials and web pages will be provided via Moodle


  • Hans Wehr Arabic-English Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic (edited by J M Cowan, Spoken Lang. Service,1976)
  • The Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary of Current Usage (edited by N S Doniach, Oxford Univ. Press,1982) ISBN 0-19-864321-7
  • Al-Mawrid English-Arabic Dictionary by Munir Ba‘albaki (Dar al-Ilm Lil-Malayen, Beirut)
  • Al-Munjid fi-l-Lughah wa-l-A‘laam (Dar al-Machreq, Beirut, 1998) (Arabic-Arabic)


Continuous assessment (70%) in the MT and LT.
Oral examination (30%) in the LT.

Key facts

Department: Language Studies

Total students 2016/17: Unavailable

Average class size 2016/17: Unavailable

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