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The Director's blog

Professor Craig Calhoun -  updates, publications, videos and lectures from LSE's Director.

Academic blogs

Africa at LSE - aims to promote African research at LSE.

American Politics and Policy - aims to increase public understanding of social science in the context of American politics and policymaking, covering governance, economics, politics, culture and society in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

British Politics and Policy at LSE   - aims to increase public understanding of the social sciences in the context of British government.

Engenderings - LSE Gender Institute blog about the role of gender in cultural, social and political life.

European Politics and Policy at LSE - aims to increase the public understanding of social science in the contexts of European governance and policy making.

Favelas at LSE - communicating bottom-up social development.

General Election 2015 - promoting debate, discussion and analysis in the run-up to election day.

Greece@LSE - from The Hellenic Observatory, the blog focuses on contemporary Greece and Cyprus.

Health and Social Care - research and policy analysis.

LSE History - provides a comprehensive and visually engaging introduction to the School’s fascinating history.

Impact of Social Sciences - how academic research in the social sciences achieves public policy impacts, contributes to economic prosperity and informs public understanding.

India at LSE - promotes India-related research, courses and events at LSE to UK- and India-based students, academics, journalists, policymakers and others - and strives to spark dialogue about India-related issues among LSE students, faculty and alumni.

LSE Media Policy Project - aims to ensure policy makers to have timely access to the best policy-relevant research and better access to the views of civil society.

Middle East Centre - accessible and highly relevant analysis of the Middle East and North Africa, from the community of academics and researchers at LSE.

LSE Network Economy Forum - disseminates research and fosters debate about telecommunications and internet policy research

Polis - media think tank at LSE; highlights of events and research, and opinions on the relationship between journalists and the society they report on.

LSE Review of Books - daily reviews of academic books across all the social science disciplines.

Spatial-economics - why there are disparities in economic prosperity at all spatial levels including regional, city-region, local and neighbourhood.

Corporate blogs

Careers  - LSE Careers blog.

Learning Technology & Innovation - services and events for LSE staff plus conference reports and ideas for using technology in education.

Equality and Diversity at LSE - aims to stimulate a culture of involvement and engagement with this subject at LSE.

LSE Enterprise - sharing of information and expertise between users with an interest in contemporary Spain.

Students@LSE - a blog about life as a student at LSE.

TRIUM Global EMBA - news about the TRIUM Global Executive MBA programme for global leaders: an alliance of New York University Stern School of Business, LSE and the HEC School of Management, Paris.

Follow the LSE Director on twitter

@craigjcalhoun - Professor Craig Calhoun

Corporate accounts

Jump to academic accounts

@lsealumni - LSE Alumni Association.

@LSECareers  - The LSE Careers service.

@LSEcatering - keep up to date with news about LSE's restaurants, cafes and bars including special events or offers.

@LSEChaplain - Chaplain and interfaith advisor at LSE.

@LSELTI - Learning Technology & Innovation.

@lsediversity - LSE equality and diversity news.

@lseenterprise  -  consulting, commercial research and executive education around the world.

@LSEship - LSE Entrepreneurship programme and events.

@LSEFaithCentre - Faith Centre.

@lsegardens - updates and photos from LSE's roof gardens.

@LSEGenerate - Series of programmes as part of LSE Entrepreneurship and Careers.

@lseitnews - news and information about IT Services at LSE.

@lselangcentre - News from the LSE Language Centre: LSE is not just a multi-national university but also a multi-lingual one.

@LSELibrary - the major international library of the social sciences [also known as The British Library of Polical and Economic Science].

@LSEnews - news and research via the LSE press office.

@LSEpublicevents - news about LSE's free public lectures: high profile international speakers from government, politics, business, academia and civil society.

@StudyLSE - news for prospective students.

@LSEResLife - information and updates about residential life for all current halls residents.

@LSE_SSC - services and advice related to admissions, registration, fees, financial support, course choice, exams and results and graduation.

@jsecker - LSE copyright and digital literacy advisor, teaching digital literacy classes and research skills.

@LSESummerSchool - an opportunity to study at one of the world's best universities.

@lsesu - LSE Students' Union

@lsevacations - LSE Vacations offers great value, affordable accommodation in the heart of London. Perfect for families, groups & individuals on a budget.

@lsevolunteering - supporting students to find volunteer opportunities and placements while at LSE.

Academic accounts

@africaatlse - LSE African Initiative.

@LSEAnthropology - LSE Anthropology.

@LSEARC - Asia Research Centre: central hub of the LSE to foster Asia related research and activities across the School.

@LSEAsiaforum  - events run by LSE in Asia. The forums address issues of interest to policymakers and wider society.

@CASE_lse - Centre for Analysis of Socal Exclusion, an LSE research centre. Its focus is on social disadvantage and examination of the impact of public policy.

@CCCEP - Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy: research centre hosted jointly by the University of Leeds and LSE.

@CEP LSE - a research centre of national and international excellence in the application of economic theory and rigorous empirical analysis to issues of unemployment, inequality, productivity, education, globalisation, international trade and well-being.

@CharlieBeckett   - journalist and director of Polis, the media think-tank at LSE.

@LSECities - an international centre that carries out research, education, outreach and advisory activities in the urban field.

@conorgearty - Conor Gearty's account.

@LSEEcon - official twitter feed of the LSE Department of Economics.

@DannyQuah - economist, global growth and distribution.

@LSEEuroppblog - aims to increase the public understanding of social science in the contexts of European governance and policy making.

@LSEGenderTweet - LSE Gender Institute tweets.

@LSEge2015 - LSE's 2015 general election coverage.

@LSEGeography - Department of Geography and Environment.

@LSEGovernment - Department of Government.

@GRI_LSE - Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment: a world-leading centre for policy-relevant research and training.

@LSEImpactBlog - how academic research in social science achieves public policy impacts, contributes to economic prosperity and informs public understanding.

@johnvanreenen - director, Centre for Economic Performance.

@LSELaw - Law Department

@mediaLSE - Department of Media and Communications.

@LSEMiddleEast - Middle East Centre

@PJDunleavy - LSE political scientist: elections and parties, state theory, political power, public choice, inherently digital government. Higher education and authoring PhDs.

@PolisLSE - events and news from Polis: LSE media think-tank. You can also follow @CharlieBeckett, director of Polis, or visit www.polismedia.org.  
@LSEpoliticsblog - LSE Politics & Policy: LSE experts analyse and debate recent developments across UK government.

@PSSRU_LSE - a leading research group in UK social care, policy and European mental health economics.

@LSEReviewBooks - daily reviews of academic books across all the social science disciplines.

@LSE_SERC - The Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC), based at LSE:  independent research on disparities across regions, cities and neighbourhoods.

@STICERD_LSE - Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD) at LSE.

@Write4Research - advice for people on creative writing at research level. A collection of resources curated by Professor Patrick Dunleavy. 

This list is growing - check back for updates.

LSE video and audio

Any LSE public lecture that has been recorded as a podcast appears in our iTunes U store. Our store also includes other LSE podcasts and videos.

See also

  • LSE channel - videos of LSE public lectures, research, academic interviews -  and stories about LSE. 
  • LSE Careers channel - How-to guides, careers advice and information and recommended careers-related viewing.
  • LSE Vacations on YouTube - LSE residences are rented out to the public during the summer, spring and winter vacation. Ideal for those on a budget.

This list is not yet comprehensive.

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  • LSE Vacations - LSE Vacations offers great value, affordable accommodation in the heart of London. Perfect for families, groups and individuals on a budget.