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The Director's blog

Professor Craig Calhoun: my blog, videos, publications and lectures|


Africa at LSE| - aims to promote African research at LSE.

British Politics and Policy at LSE  | - aims to increase public understanding of the social sciences in the context of British government.

Engenderings| - LSE Gender Institute blog about the role of gender in cultural, social and political life.

European Politics and Policy at LSE| - aims to increase the public understanding of social science in the contexts of European governance and policy making.

Global War on Terror| - Promoting expert debate on issues of civil society, security and terrorism.

Greece@LSE| - from The Hellenic Observatory, the blog focuses on contemporary Greece and Cyprus.

Health and Social Care| - research and policy analysis.

Impact of Social Sciences|- how academic research in the social sciences achieves public policy impacts, contributes to economic prosperity and informs public understanding.

India at LSE| - promotes India-related research, courses and events at LSE to UK- and India-based students, academics, journalists, policymakers and others - and strives to spark dialogue about India-related issues among LSE students, faculty and alumni.

International Affairs at LSE  | - features analysis of contemporary international affairs from experts at LSE and beyond.

LSE Language Centre| - LSE is not just a multi-national university but also a multi-lingual one, this blog includes announcements about our events and the courses/services we offer.

LSE Media Policy Project |- aims to ensure policy makers to have timely access to the best policy-relevant research and better access to the views of civil society.

LSE Network Economy Forum| - disseminates research and fosters debate about telecommunications and internet policy research

Polis| - media think tank at LSE; highlights of events and research, and opinions on the relationship between journalists and the society they report on.

LSE Review of Books| - daily reviews of academic books across all the social science disciplines.

Spatial-economics| - why there are disparities in economic prosperity at all spatial levels including regional, city-region, local and neighbourhood



Careers| - LSE Careers blog.

Centre for Learning Technology| - services and events for LSE staff plus conference reports and ideas for using technology in education.

Equality and Diversity at LSE| - aims to stimulate a culture of involvement and engagement with this subject at LSE.

LSE Enterprise in Spain| - sharing of information and expertise between users with an interest in contemporary Spain.

Students@LSE| - a blog about life as a student at LSE.

TRIUM Global EMBA |- news about the TRIUM Global Executive MBA programme for global leaders: an alliance of New York University Stern School of Business, LSE and the HEC School of Management, Paris.

Follow the LSE Director on twitter

@craigjcalhoun| - Professor Craig Calhoun

Corporate accounts

Jump to academic accounts|

@lsealumni| - LSE Alumni Association.

@lseanthropology| - LSE Anthropology.

@LSECareers|  - The LSE Careers service.

@lseCatalogue| - LSE Library Beta Catalogue.

@CEP_LSE| – a research centre of national and international excellence in the application of economic theory and rigorous empirical analysis to issues of unemployment, inequality, productivity, education, globalisation, international trade and well-being.

@LSEChaplain| - Chaplain and interfaith advisor at LSE.

@lseclt| - LSE Centre for Learning Technology.

@lsediversity| - LSE equality and diversity news.

@lseenterprise|  -  consulting, commercial research and executive education around the world.

@LSEFees| - the Fees Office handles everything to do with student finances including US loans, Canadian loans and Career Development loans.

@lsegardens| - updates and photos from LSE's roof gardens.

@LSEGenderTweet| - LSE Gender Institute.

@lseitnews| - news and information about IT Services at LSE.

@lselangcentre| - News from the LSE Language Centre: LSE is not just a multi-national university but also a multi-lingual one.

@LSELibrary| - the major international library of the social sciences [also known as The British Library of Polical and Economic Science].

@LSEnews| - news and research via the LSE press office.

@LSEpublicevents| - news about LSE's free public lectures: high profile international speakers from government, politics, business, academia and civil society.

@LSE_Recruitment| - news for prospective students.

@lseResearchonline| - institutional repository for LSE research outputs

@LSEResLife| - information and updates about residential life for all current halls residents.

@jsecker| - LSE copyright and digital literacy advisor, teaching digital literacy classes and research skills.

@LSESummerSchool| - an opportunity to study at one of the world's best universities.

@lsevolunteering| - supporting students to find volunteer opportunities and placements while at LSE.

Academic accounts

@africaatlse| - LSE African Initiative.

@LSEARC| - Asia Research Centre: central hub of the LSE to foster Asia related research and activities across the School.

@LSEAsiaforum|  - events run by LSE in Asia. The forums address issues of interest to policymakers and wider society.

@CASE_lse| - Centre for Analysis of Socal Exclusion, an LSE research centre. Its focus is on social disadvantage and examination of the impact of public policy.

@CCCEP| - Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy: research centre hosted jointly by the University of Leeds and LSE.

@CharlieBeckett  | - journalist and director of Polis, the media think-tank at LSE.

@LSECities| - an international centre that carries out research, education, outreach and advisory activities in the urban field.

@LSEEcon| - official twitter feed of the LSE Department of Economics.

@DannyQuah| - economist, global growth and distribution.

@LSEEuroppblog| - aims to increase the public understanding of social science in the contexts of European governance and policy making.

@LSEGenderTweet| - LSE Gender Institute tweets.

@GRI_LSE| - Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment: a world-leading centre for policy-relevant research and training.

@LSEImpactBlog| - how academic research in social science achieves public policy impacts, contributes to economic prosperity and informs public understanding.

@johnvanreenen| - director, Centre for Economic Performance.

@mediaLSE| - Department of Media and Communications.

@PJDunleavy| - LSE political scientist: elections and parties, state theory, political power, public choice, inherently digital government. Higher education and authoring PhDs.

@PolisLSE| - events and news from Polis: LSE media think-tank. You can also follow @CharlieBeckett|, director of Polis, or visit www.polismedia.org|.  
@LSEpoliticsblog| - LSE Politics & Policy: LSE experts analyse and debate recent developments across UK government.

@PSSRU_LSE| - a leading research group in UK social care, policy and European mental health economics.

@LSEReviewBooks| - daily reviews of academic books across all the social science disciplines.

@LSE_SERC|  - The Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC), based at LSE:  independent research on disparities across regions, cities and neighbourhoods.

@STICERD_LSE| - Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD) at LSE

@Write4Research| - advice for people on creative writing at research level. A collection of resources curated by Professor Patrick Dunleavy. 

This list is growing - check back for updates.

LSE video and audio

Any LSE public lecture that has been recorded as a podcast appears in our iTunes U store. Our store also includes other LSE podcasts and videos.

See also

  • LSE channel - videos of LSE public lectures, research, academic interviews -  and stories about LSE. 
  • LSE Careers channel - How-to guides, careers advice and information and recommended careers-related viewing.
  • LSE Vacations on YouTube - LSE residences are rented out to the public during the summer, spring and winter vacation. Ideal for those on a budget.

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This list is growing, check back for updates.

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