Philosophy of Science

The Placebo Effect and Evidence-Based Policy

13 January 2016|

What’s so bad about the placebo effect? John Worrall examines the recent Nurofen labelling “scandal”.

Homeopathy and Evidence-Based Policy

7 January 2016|

With the UK government considering a ban on the prescription of homeopathic remedies on the NHS, John Worrall examines the rationale for such a proposal and suggests that the decision is not as simple as it might initially seem.

Weak interactions and the curious little arrow of time

21 December 2015|

In this talk from ETH Zurich’s Workshop on Time in Physics, Bryan Roberts introduces weak interactions and argues that the laws of nature are directed in time.

The evolution of cultures, human and microbial

9 November 2015|

What can microbiology teach us about cultural evolution? Philosopher of Biology, Jonathan Birch, discusses “horizontal transmission”.

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    Jonathan Birch: “Time and Relatedness in Microbes and in Humans”

Jonathan Birch: “Time and Relatedness in Microbes and in Humans”

11 September 2015|

Listen to Dr Jonathan Birch’s recent talk at The University of Oxford.

Christian List in Scientific American

26 August 2015|

In the latest issue of Scientific American, Professor Christian List discusses the philosophical foundations of Einstein’s view of quantum mechanics.

Where does altruism come from?

19 June 2015|

Can altruism be reconciled with evolutionary theory? Philosopher of biology, Jonathan Birch, discusses “Hamilton’s Rule”.

Philosophy of Physics on Flickr

5 June 2015|

For those of you unable to attend the recent meetings of the Sigma Club, you can now view photos from our regular philosophy of physics lectures on Flickr.

3:AM Magazine interviews Jonathan Birch

7 May 2015|

Jonathan Birch specialises in the philosophy of biology and in this interview – “Darwinian conundrums” – he discusses topics such as natural selection, the origins of human cooperation and the role of philosophy in science.

BJUP interview with John Worrall

17 April 2015|

The latest issue of the British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy (BJUP) features this interview with LSE philosopher Professor John Worrall.