Philosophy of Science

Christian List in Scientific American

26 August 2015|

In the latest issue of Scientific American, Professor Christian List discusses the philosophical foundations of Einstein’s view of quantum mechanics.

Where does altruism come from?

19 June 2015|

Can altruism be reconciled with evolutionary theory? Philosopher of biology, Jonathan Birch, discusses “Hamilton’s Rule”.

Philosophy of Physics on Flickr

5 June 2015|

For those of you unable to attend the recent meetings of the Sigma Club, you can now view photos from our regular philosophy of physics lectures on Flickr.

3:AM Magazine interviews Jonathan Birch

7 May 2015|

Jonathan Birch specialises in the philosophy of biology and in this interview – “Darwinian conundrums” – he discusses topics such as natural selection, the origins of human cooperation and the role of philosophy in science.

BJUP interview with John Worrall

17 April 2015|

The latest issue of the British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy (BJUP) features this interview with LSE philosopher Professor John Worrall.

Three new “Meet the Faculty” videos

15 April 2015|

Check out the latest additions to our “Meet the Faculty” video series, featuring three of our newest faculty members: Dr Jonathan Birch, Dr Anna Mahtani and Dr Bryan Roberts. Enjoy!

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    The simple failure of Curie’s Principle: How to get out what hasn’t gone in

The simple failure of Curie’s Principle: How to get out what hasn’t gone in

22 December 2014|

It’s often been thought that Curie’s principle says something that’s just obviously true about the world. However, Bryan Roberts has discovered a simple way in which Curie’s principle fails.