Determinism, Probability and Agency

16 May 2017|

On 16 May, this workshop will bring together faculty and graduate students to investigate the connections between probability, determinism and agency.

The Origins of Consciousness

26 April 2017|

This one-day, interdisciplinary workshop will bring together philosophers, neuroscientists, experimental biologists and evolutionary biologists to discuss the origins of consciousness. Pre-registration is required.

Philosophy of Language for Decision Theory

12 January 2017|

On 25–26 May, this two-day workshop will explore the connections between philosophy of language and decision theory.

5th LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference 2017

16 December 2016|

This year’s LSE-Bayreuth student philosophy conference will take place 11–12 May 2017 at LSE.

5th LSE Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Probability

14 December 2016|

On 2–3 June 2017, this conference will bring together researchers and graduate students in Philosophy, Psychology/Cognitive Science, Physics, Medicine, Computer Science and related fields to discuss issues in the philosophy of probability.

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    Emergence and the Limit: A Workshop in Philosophy of Statistical and Thermal Physics

Emergence and the Limit: A Workshop in Philosophy of Statistical and Thermal Physics

1 November 2016|

On 25 November, this workshop will consider various case studies portraying either emergent behaviour or other important issues in statistical mechanics and assess the indispensable vs. dispensable nature of of the thermodynamic limit.

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    Workshop on Scientific Imagination and Epistemic Representations

Workshop on Scientific Imagination and Epistemic Representations

10 October 2016|

On 28 October, four experts will consider the issue of imagination in scientific reasoning in this one-day workshop.

The Hole Shebang: New Perspectives on the Hole Argument

26 May 2016|

On 15 July this workshop will bring together philosophers and physicists to discuss the recent debate surrounding interpretations of the Hole Argument.

Reasons and Mental States in Decision Theory

11 May 2016|

On 9–10 June this workshop will explore whether, and how, we can make progress in decision theory by modelling a decision-maker’s reasons and/or mental states.

Workshop: Geometry and Physics

17 April 2016|

A workshop on the philosophical foundations of geometry and physics, held on the occasion of Gordon Belot and David Malament jointly winning the Lakatos Award.

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