Jonathan Parry (LSE Philosophy) and Professor Helen Frowe (Stockholm University) have submitted written evidence on ‘Intimate Image Abuse’ as Non-contact sexual offences to the Parliament Committee.

About the inquiry: The recent rapes and murders of both Sarah Everard and Libby Squire by men who had histories of committing acts of incident exposure and/or voyeurism has prompted calls for non-contact sexual offences to be taken more seriously. Non-contact sexual offences generally refer to a range of sexual offences involving no physical contact between the perpetrator and the victim, such as voyeurism and indecent exposure.

This inquiry will explore the escalation of non-contact sexual offences to more serious sexual offences, such as rape and sexual assault. It will examine whether enough is being done to prevent the escalation of sexual offences, and if not, what else should be done. It will also examine the police response to non-contact sexual offences.

In a digital age, another significant such offence is the sharing of intimate images without consent – otherwise known as “revenge porn”. Read the evidence by Jonathan Parry and Helen Frowe here.

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