LSE Philosophy Professor Alex Voorhoeve and colleagues have now published their new paper ‘Criteria for the procedural fairness of health financing decisions: a scoping review’ in Health Policy and Planning – The journal on health policy and systems research.

About the paper: The road to universal health coverage (UHC) involves difficult policy choices. This paper examines how to make such decisions in a procedurally fair (open and inclusive) way. It synthesises research in political theory, public administration, public finance, environmental management, psychology, and health financing into a comprehensive set of criteria for fair decision-making processes in health financing. It argues that the literature across these disciplines can be synthesized into 10 core criteria with common philosophical foundations: equality, impartiality, consistency over time, reason-giving, transparency, accuracy of information, participation, inclusiveness, revisability and enforcement. These criteria can be used to evaluate and guide decision-making processes for financing UHC across different country income levels and health financing arrangements.

Link to the paper (open access).