Reversing the Arrow of Time by Bryan W. Roberts has been published online and will be available as hardcover copy on 8 December 2022.

This book is published Open Access by Cambridge University Press, so you can read it for free online!

The arrow of time refers to the curious asymmetry that distinguishes the future from the past. Reversing the Arrow of Time argues that there is an intimate link between the symmetries of ‘time itself’ and time reversal symmetry in physical theories, which has wide-ranging implications for both physics and its philosophy. This link helps to clarify how we can learn about the symmetries of our world; how to understand the relationship between symmetries and what is real, and how to overcome pervasive illusions about the direction of time. Roberts explains the significance of time reversal in a way that intertwines physics and philosophy, to establish what the arrow of time means and how we can come to know it. This book is both mathematically and philosophically rigorous yet remains accessible to advanced undergraduates in physics and philosophy of physics.

Bryan W. Roberts is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method and Director of the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences (CPNSS) at the LSE. Reversing the Arrow of Time is available in print and as a free Open Access PDF on Cambridge Core.