We’re very pleased to announce that we have been ranked among the world’s top departments for Decision, Rational Choice and Game Theory.

LSE Philosophy is one of world’s best departments in which to study decision, rational choice and game theory, according to a preview of the 2021 Philosophical Gourmet Report (PGR). Out of the top nine programmes in the world for this specialism, our MPhil/PhD is one of only three UK-based research degrees, and the only UK degree to be placed in the PGR’s top group.

The PGR is a well-known scoring of university philosophy departments. Scores are produced by asking panels of experts to rate the “quality of the faculty” at hundreds of departments around the world on a scale from 0 (Inadequate for a PhD program) to 5 (Distinguished). In the previous PGR, published in 2018, LSE Philosophy was ranked highly in virtually all of the areas in which we specialise, and was placed joint 6th overall for philosophy in the UK.