We’re pleased to announce that Christina Easton has been awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship by the British Academy for her new research project, Opening minds: A new analysis of tolerance for the classroom.

Political philosophers have focused on tolerance as forbearance – refraining from interfering with ways of life that you disapprove of. In contrast, Ofsted and the Department of Education have interpreted tolerance as an attitude of non-disapproval. For example, decisions taken in recent years by Ofsted inspectors indicate that they view teaching tolerance as including teaching a positive attitude towards LGBTQ relationships.

Can a rigorous, coherent analysis be given of this understanding of tolerance? With the aid of a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, Christina Easton hopes to answer this question.

Beginning January 2022 at the University of Warwick, Christina’s new research project, “Opening minds: A new analysis of tolerance for the classroom”, will present, defend and explore the practical implications of a novel analysis of tolerance as non-disapproval. In consultation with experienced teachers, Christina will use her theoretical insights to generate policy recommendations on how LGBTQ education ought to be approached, and what “teaching tolerance” ought to involve.

Christina Easton is currently an LSE Fellow in the Department, prior to which she completed her PhD with us with a thesis titled “Liberalism, education, and promoting ‘British values’ in schools”. Further information about Christina’s research is available on her website.