We’re pleased to announce the appointment of two new LSE Fellows to the Department, Michael Diamond-Hunter and Ella Whiteley, who join us for the start of the coming academic year.

Michael Diamond-Hunter completed the PhD in Philosophy at UC Davis, where their dissertation project was centred on an instrumentalist account of race. Michael is broadly interested in problems concerning the intersection of social categories, language, and the empirical sciences and is especially interested in doing philosophical work that takes empirical social scientific work seriously whilst also making philosophy welcoming and accessible.

In 2020-21 Michael will teach on our Philosophy of Gender and Race (PH333 / PH433) course and on our first-year undergraduate course The Big Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy.

Ella Whiteley joins us from “The Invisible Labour Project” at Cambridge University, where they have been researching the unpaid and undervalued work conducted in academia. They completed their PhD at Cambridge University in 2019. This explored the philosophy of salience, with special attention to the role that salience plays in gender-related harms. Their research interests include political philosophy, the philosophy of biology, and ethics.

In 2020-21 Ella will teach on our Philosophy of Gender and Race (PH333 / PH433) and Genes, Brains and Society (PH227 / PH427) courses.

We look forward to welcoming Michael and Ella to the Department in September!