We’re pleased to announce that Professor John Worrall has been appointed patron of Humanists UK.

Humanists UK, formerly the British Humanist Association, is a charitable organisation that aims to extend and deepen the public understanding of humanism as a life-stance. Humanists UK’s policies are informed with the support of their patrons: over 170 of the UK’s most prominent philosophers, scientists, and other thinkers and experts.

We’re thrilled to announce that Professor John Worrall is among the most recent writers and academics to be appointed as patrons of Humanists UK, in recognition of their considerable contributions to culture and human understanding.

On taking up his new role John writes:

As I advocate evidence-based everything, I am particularly keen to fight pseudoscience in all its forms. I regard teaching children that the theories of creationism and “Intelligent Design” provide equally good (or, still worse, better) explanations of the current flora and fauna of the earth as a crime against those children. I support a complete separation of state and religion (both in education and more generally); and, on the ethical side, believe that people should, in appropriate circumstances, be helped to die with dignity.