The MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy is intense and demanding, but is also ultimately highly rewarding. The scope of the programme is broad. Students can ask and engage with the most esoteric of questions (How should we prepare for the advent of artificial intelligence with capabilities superior to humans?) to the most basic (What is equality?). There is a high degree of flexibility in the questions students choose to pursue, but the emphasis on analytical rigor never wavers. The instructors were exacting, but also highly accessible and always constructive in their criticism. Further, the friendships I made during the MSc are invaluable, and I feel grateful to have met so many erudite and accomplished people.

Additionally, while many often wonder about the usefulness of a philosophy degree, I’m happy to report my work at LSE led directly to my current job. During the MSc, I wrote about exploitation and companies’ moral responsibility to their workers, using the conditions of garment workers in Bangladesh as a case study. After graduating I took a position with the United States Fashion Industry Association where, among other things, I was hired to help launch their “Social Compliance and Sustainability” committee. The committee will help retailers and major high street brands answer questions about what it means and what policies they will need to implement to source, produce, and sell apparel ethically. I am using the skills and knowledge acquired during the MSc every day.