With so many career paths open to philosophy graduates, the choice of what to do next can seem a little daunting. So each year alumni from a whole range of professions return to the Department to offer our students a bit of advice.

In the second week of term, we welcomed back 11 LSE Philosophy graduates to our annual careers evening.

The event kicked off with a panel discussion, where alumni introduced themselves and explained their route from LSE to their current job. Next, there was a Q&A. Being philosophers, there was at times disagreement on the best way to go about your career choices! The overall message was to try out many different things, send out quality applications and ultimately to remember that your career path is your choice. The rest of the evening was networking (over plenty of wine and food of course!).

The returning alumni work in financial services, law, policy, civil service, PR, research and more. Without wishing to state a truism, you can embark on a career in pretty much anything after studying philosophy at LSE – whether at BSc and MSc level. Learn more about on what graduates tend to after studying philosophy at LSE.

Alumni agreed that some of the big selling points of an LSEphilosophy degree are that you become skilled in clear communication, analysis and impartiality. These are hugely useful not just in interviews/assessment centres, but also in the day-to-day jobs of the alumni. Check out the secret of success recounted by alumni at last year’s event..

The most important piece of advice is something you will probably hear frequently: use the LSE Careers Services. One graduate’s career in interior design all started with one advisory conversation with an LSE careers consultant. So, whether you want to become the next big banker or baker, policy-maker or art curator – LSE careers can help.



Students and alumni fill LSE’s iconic Shaw Library for the 2017 Philosophy Careers Evening.


Thank you to all returning alumni for taking the time to come to this event. A huge thanks to Viki Chinn, LSE Philosophy Careers Consultant, for all of her efforts in organising this event. Thanks to Dr Susanne Burri, Assistant Professor, for chairing the event.

Finally, thank you to all the students who came! We look forward to seeing you on the panel in the coming years!