Students, staff and the Department as a whole were among those recognised by this year’s LSE Teaching Awards.

Every year in May, LSE awards teaching prizes in three categories:

  • Major Review Awards, given to faculty who have made significant contributions to teaching at the School
  • LSESU Student Led Teaching Excellence Awards, for those teachers who students have found most inspiring
  • Class Teacher Awards, given to graduate teaching assistants, teaching fellows and guest teachers in recognition of their particular contribution to teaching at LSE

Among this year’s winners were:

  • David Kinney  LSE class teacher award & “Highly Commended” Award in Feedback
  • James Nguyen  LSE class teacher award
  • Christopher Marshall – Honourable mention for excellent class teaching
  • Todd Karhu – Honourable mention for excellent class teaching
  • Anita Kiricenko – Taught Postgraduate Staff-Student Liaison Committee Representative Award
  • Alex Voorhoeve – “Highly Commended” Award in Sharing Knowledge
  • Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method – “Highly Commended” Award for Departmental Excellence.

Congratulations all!