We’re pleased to announce the appointment of two new Assistant Professors, Campbell Brown and Johanna Thoma, who will be joining us in September.

campbell-brown-croppedCampbell Brown is currently Lecturer in Ethics at the University of Glasgow. He previously held positions at the University of Edinburgh and at Bowling Green State University. Campbell’s research interests are mainly in moral and political philosophy; in 2016/7 he will be teaching on our PH214, PH222, PH311, PH413, PH415, PH416 and PH555 courses.

Johanna Thoma joins us from the University of TorontoJThoma-cropped. Johanna’s main research interests lie in practical rationality and decision theory. She is particularly interested in questions of rationality over time, and in the context of uncertainty. In 2016/7 Johanna will be teaching on our PH222, PH311, PH413, PH415 and PH555.

We look forward to welcoming Campbell and Johanna to the LSE Philosophy faculty.