We’re glad to announce the introduction of an interdisciplinary reading group on game theory, jointly organised by LSE Philosophy and the Department of Mathematics.

This group will mainly focus on foundational and philosophical issues in game theory, but applications will also play a role. We particularly aim to promote interdisciplinary research projects among graduate students from any discipline.

The reading group will be launched this term but we hope that it will last beyond this academic year, and become an established group for the exchange of ideas, discussion and research in game theory. We believe that this will strengthen the position the field occupies at LSE and underpin its status as an important interdisciplinary science at the School.

The group is organised by Nicola Wittur and Philippe van Basshuysen, and supported by an academic from each department – for philosophy, this is J. Mckenzie Alexander, and for mathematics, this is Bernhard von Stengel.

In Lent Term we will focus on the following topics, depending on time constraints and participants’ interests:

  • Epistemic Game Theory
  • Bounded rationality in games
  • Evolutionary Game Theory
  • Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Games of Incomplete Information

We will meet in alternate weeks, starting  Tuesday 19 January, 4-5:30 pm. The first meeting will take place in room LG.03 of 32 Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

We can’t wait to get started, and to meet many of you interested in game theory!

For further information, please contact Philippe P.C.Van-Basshuysen@lse.ac.uk or Nicola N.Wittur@lse.ac.uk .


Featured image credit: Xchen27 / CC BY-SA 3.0