We’re hosting this year’s British Undergraduate Philosophy Society Autumn Conference, to take place 21–22 November.

The British Undergraduate Philosophy Society (BUPS) organises two conferences per year and publishes its own journal: The British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy. This year’s Autumn Conference will take place at LSE 21–22 November.

This year’s keynote speaker is the University of Oxford’s Wykeham Professor of Logic Timothy Williamson. Prof Williamson’s talk is entitled “Knowledge and Belief, Action and Intention”.

As well as this, the conference will feature the following student papers (with two more TBC):

  1. “Does our Temporal Experience Favour the A Theory of Time?” – Xintong Wei (St. Andrews/Stirling)
  2. “A Priori Induction? Roy Harrod’s Thought Experiment, and Why It Fails” – Sam Harman (Oxford)
  3. “Should States be Bound by Moral Side-Constraints?” – Dylan Keitz-Playford (UCL)
  4. “Can we Maintain Neutrality Towards Islamic Nikkah Marriages in a Liberal Society?” – Hettie O’Brien (St. Andrews)
  5. “Defending Foundationalism from Michael Williams” – Matthew Laurence Kenney (Pittsburgh)
  6. “The Rule of Law and the Right to have Rights: An Arendtian Defense of Bingham’s Substantive Definition of the Rule of Law” – Sam Watts (Bristol)

There will also be a panel discussion entitled “Neuroscience and Normativity in the Philosophy of Law:  How, if at all, can neuroscience (or neuro-scientific work) be successfully employed to give us reason to accept or reject a position in the philosophy of law?”

The panelists are:

  • Farbod Akhlaghi-Ghaffarokh (President of BUPS, MLitt student at the University of St Andrews/Stirling)
  • Geoff Keeling (Editor in Chief of the BJUP, BSc student at LSE)
  • Achilleas Sarantaris (Commissioning Editor of the BJUP, President of UCL Philosophy Society, BA student at UCL)
  • Ella Langham (Manuscript Editor for the BJUP, BSc student at  LSE).


Further information and tickets are available on the BUPS website.