Having graduated from the LSE in September 2012, I joined Oliver Wyman’s London office as a Junior Consultant in January 2013. Prior to that, I completed an internship with the German Foreign Office’s Permanent Mission to the OECD in Paris. My degree in Philosophy and Public Policy (PPP) has helped me secure both roles in three distinct ways:

1. LSE’s reputation: Having a degree from the LSE is a door opener and will land you into the recruitment pools of leading companies and institutions.

2. PPP: Coming from an economics background, studying applied philosophy possibly gave me an edge and might have helped me stand out from the usual business crowd.

3. Analytical skill: The programme featured a rigorous analytical training whichhelped me through the application process and still comes in handy when tackling complex problems on the job.

Adding to the above, the philosophy faculty members are very supportive when transitioning into the professional world and will assist their students in any way they can.