LSE has a distinct magnetism – Immediately after finishing my exams, I began working in a technology consultancy, directly across Aldwych, in Bush House! The company I work for, (Analysys Mason) like many others, has strong links to the LSE and I applied for my role through the LSE consultancy society. I work primarily in the fascinating area of radio frequency spectrum administration and regulation. My background in Philosophy and Public Policy helped me distinguish myself from the other candidates who primarily had engineering and management backgrounds. In my interview, this gave me more scope to discuss broad concepts, which are relevant to the role, such as the merits and legitimacy of collective and individual ownership rights, rather than simply reciting technical knowledge – as I suspect my competing candidates would have done. I wholeheartedly endorse the MSc in PPP to prospective students. Though the course felt overwhelmingly challenging at times, it challenged me to completely rethink the way I approach evaluating public policy and received wisdom in other domains.