Breaking the Internal Combustion Engine Reign: A Mixed-Methods Study of Attitudes Towards Using and Purchasing Electric Vehicles in Kuwait

Principal Investigator: Dr Andri Ottesen, Australian University Kuwait
Duration: September 2021–May 2023

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The research project addresses a broad gap in electric vehicles (EV) research in settings like Kuwait, namely a lack of attitudinal and customer preference research into perceptions of EVs. Research into the technical and infrastructural dimensions of EV-adoption in GCC countries is well underway, including research funded by KFAS and KISR in Kuwait. Much less well understood, however, are social attitudes towards EVs and EV-use in Kuwait, and how best to market EVs there once those attitudes are better understood. In addition, the research fills two smaller gaps in the existing research into attitudes towards EV-adoption in the Middle East. First, existing studies rely on survey data, but fail to explore the attitudes reported in surveys in more depth using qualitative data. Second, these same studies also concern prospective EV owners only, and fail to include the perspectives of early adopters.


Andri Ottesen and Sam Toglaw, ‘Electric Vehicles – A Value Proposition for Emerging Markets. The Case of Kuwait’ presentation, 38th EBES Conference – Warsaw, 16-18 January 2022.

Pre-study: Andri Ottesen and Sumayya Banna, 'Why so few EVs are in Kuwait and how to amend it', International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 10 (2), 2021.

Presentation: Andri Ottesen, Sumayya Banna and Basil Alzougool, 'Attitudes towards Electric Vehicle in Kuwait: A Mixed Method Approach', 40th EBES Conference Istanbul, July 2022. 

Principal Investigator

Ottesen, Andri 200x200

Dr Andri Ottesen

Andri is Assistant Professor in the Department of Management, Australian University Kuwait


AlQaoud, Faisal 200x200

Dr Faisal AlQaoud

Faisal is an Assistant Professor at the Arab Open University.


Banna, Sumayya 200x200

Dr Sumayya A. Banna

Sumayya is an Assistant Professor at the Arab Open University.




Dr Basil AlZougool

Basil is an Associate Professor in the Department of Business at the Arab Open University.





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