Kuwait Academic Collaborations

Kuwait Programme

The Kuwait Programme, LSE Middle East Centre, invites applications for academic collaborative research projects in social, political, and economic sciences between researchers at LSE and at universities and research institutions in Kuwait. 


Kuwait Academic Collaborations commencing 2017/18


Global warming in Kuwait

Examining and Informing Public Policy to Meet the Challenge of Global Warming in Kuwait

Principal Investigators: Giles Atkinson, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE, and Ayele Gelan, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.


Estimating the Burden of Diabetes in Kuwait

Principal Investigators: Zlatko Nikoloski, LSE Health, and Fahd Al-Mulla, Dasman Diabetes Institute.


Kuwait Academic Collaborations commencing 2018/19



Towards Promoting Private R&D Investment in Kuwait

Principal Investigators: Neil Lee, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE, and Husam Arman, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

Public space in Kuwait

Public Space in Kuwait: From User Behaviour to Policy-making

Principal Investigators: Alexandra Gomes, LSE Cities, and Asseel Al-Ragam, Kuwait University.


Kuwait Academic Collaborations commencing 2019/20

DiSTO project accordian

Evaluating Digital Skills and Tangible Outcomes in Kuwait

Principal Investigators: Ellen Helsper, Department of Media and Communications, LSE, and Fahed Al-Sumait, Gulf University of Science & Technology. 



Kuwait schoolchildren

Empowering Democratic Citizenship through Education

Principal Investigators: Sam Mejias, Department of Media and Communications, LSE, and Rania Al-Nakib, Gulf University of Science & Technology.

Kuwait Academic Collaborations commencing 2020/21


Kuwait City Google Maps view

Governance of Spatial Change: Shaping Urban Policies and Investments in Kuwait

Principal Investigators: Nuno F. da Cruz, LSE Cities, and Dhari Alrasheed, Kuwait University.

Shuwaikh port

Beyond Oil: Trade Diversification and Economic Growth in Kuwait

Principal Investigators: Athanasia Kalaitzi, LSE Middle East Centre, and Ahmad Al-Awadhi, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.


Kuwait Academic Collaborations commencing 2021/22


Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre 500x733

Surveying Kuwaiti Worldviews to Promote Science Culture in Kuwait

Principal Investigators: Martin W. Bauer, Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, LSE, and Mohammad Sartawi, Kuwait University.


For submissions and all enquiries, please contact Mercedes Masters, Programme Coordinator, Kuwait Programme at m.c.masters@lse.ac.uk




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