MEC Paper Series


Protesting Sectarianism: Lebanese Regime Resilience and Thawrat Tishreen

Jinan S. Al-Habbal, June 2024

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The UN’s Humanitarian Transition from Emergency Assistance to Development Funding in Iraq: The Politics of Delivering Aid in a Country of Protracted Post-Conflict Displacement

Alannah Travers, May 2024

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The Problem of Top-Down Techno-Centrism in Pan-Arab News Media

Omar Al-Ghazzi & Abeer Al-Najjar, May 2024

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A Fistful of Dinars: Demystifying Iraq’s Dollar Auction

Ahmed Tabaqchali, April 2024

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Surviving Together: Infrastructures of Care in Palestine During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Anmar Rafeedie, Haneen Naamneh, Suzi Hall & Abaher El-Sakka, March 2024

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An Analysis of Changing Israeli and Palestinian Attitudes Towards Peace

Elisa Cavatorta & Ben Groom, February 2024

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The Competition for Control in Sinjar: How External Actors and Local Interests Inhibit the Sinjar Agreement

Zmkan Ali Saleem, January 2024

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Behavioural Explanations for Gender Gaps in Obesity and Overweight in Egypt

Joan Costa-Font and Anton Grahed, December 2023

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Roads (Dis)connecting Cities and Neighbourhoods: A Socio-Spatial Study of Abu Dhabi

Alexandra Gomes, Apostolos Kyriazis, Peter Schwinger, Clémence Montagne and Sepehr Zhand, December 2023

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Neoliberal Visions? Exploring Gendered Media and Popular Culture in the Palestinian West Bank

Polly Withers, Rema Hammami, Rania Jawad and Amirah Silmi, December 2023

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Mapping the Unseen: Harnessing Indigenous Knowledge through Participatory Mapping to Address Displacement and Housing Challenges in Post-Invasion Iraq

Sana Murrani, December 2023

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Corruption is the Lifeblood of Politics in Iraq

Sajad Jiyad, November 2023

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The Trouble with Halbousi: The Rise of, and Resistance to, Iraq's Sunni Strongman

Simona Foltyn, October 2023

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Higher Education in Iraq After 2003: Ongoing Challenges

Ilham Makki, October 2023

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Towards Hydro-Transparency on the Euphrates-Tigris Basin: Mapping Surface Water Changes in Iraq, 1984–2015

Michael Mason, Zeynep Akıncı, Arda Bilgen, Noori Nasir and Azhar Al-Rubaie, October 2023

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Lebanon Unsettled: The Spatialities of the October 2019 Uprising

Deen Sharp, October 2023

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A New Diaspora of Saudi Exiles: Challenging Repression from Abroad

Madawi Al-Rasheed, September 2023

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The Yazidi Genocide: A Demographic Documentation of ISIL’s Attack on Tel Qasab and Tel Banat

Valeria Cetorelli and Sareta Ashraph, September 2023

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Art and Activism in Iraqi Kurdistan: Feminist Fault Lines, Body Politics and the Struggle for Space

Isabel Käser & Houzan Mahmoud, September 2023

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Turkey as a Mediator

Spyros A. Sofos, July 2023

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Navigating the Horn: Turkey's Forays in East Africa

Spyros A. Sofos, July 2023

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Transnational Dynamics in the MENA Region: Exploring Policy Responses

Spyros A. Sofos, June 2023

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Conflict Mediation and the News Media

Jenifer Vaughan, May 2023

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Protectors of the State? The Popular Mobilisation Forces During the 2022 Post-election Crisis

Simona Foltyn, April 2023

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Changing the System from Within? The Role of Opposition Parties in Consolidating Democracy in Iraq Post-2019

Taif Alkhudary, March 2023

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Does Export Composition Matter for Economic Growth in the UAE?

Athanasia Stylianou Kalaitzi, Samer Kherfi, Sahel Alrousan & Marina-Selini Katsaiti, November 2022

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The Kurdish Protest Movement and the Islamic Republic of Iran: The Securitisation of Kurdish Nationalism

Allan Hassaniyan & Gareth Stansfield, April 2022

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Peacebuilding in Turbulent Times: Turkey in MENA and Africa

Spyros A. Sofos, March 2022

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Qatar and the UAE in Peacemaking and Peacebuilding

Courtney Freer, March 2022

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MENA Regional Organisations in Peacemaking and Peacebuilding: The League of Arab States, Gulf Cooperation Council and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Courtney Freer, March 2022

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The Occupied Jawlan: An Online Open Curriculum

Michael Mason, Muna Dajani, Munir Fakher Eldin & Omar Tesdell, December 2021

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In-Between Identities and Cultures: Ms. Marvel and the Representation of Young Muslim Women

Jennifer Jackson-Preece & Manmit Bhambra, May 2021

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Redefining Deprivation in a Conflict Area: Learning from the Palestinian Experience Using Mixed Methods

Tiziana Leone, Weeam Hammoudeh, Susan Mitwali, David Lewis, Rawan Kafri, Tracy Lin, Rita Giacaman & Ernestina Coast, March 2021

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Revolution in Parallel Times: An Egyptian Village's Lived Revolution

Heba M. Khalil, March 2021

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Praetorian Spearhead: The Role of the Military in the Evolution of Egypt’s State Capitalism 3.0

Yezid Sayigh, January 2021

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North Africa's Export Economies and Structural Fragility: The Limits of Development through European Value Chains

Shamel Azmeh & Abeer Elshennawy, December 2020

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Strikes, Riots and Laughter: Al-Himamiyya Village's Experience of Egypt's 1918 Peasant Insurrection

Alia Mossallam, September 2020

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Whose Story? Narratives of Nationalism in Heritage Production of the Arabian Peninsula

Courtney Freer & Yasmine Kherfi, August 2020

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The Prince and the Minotaur: Egypt in the Labyrinth of Counter-Revolution

Brecht De Smet, June 2020

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Public Media Accountability: Media Journalism, Engaged Publics and Critical Media Literacy in the MENA

Abeer Al-Najjar, June 2020

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Being Chinese Muslims in Dubai: Religion and Nationalism in a Transnational Space

Yuting Wang, May 2020

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Preventing Statelessness among Migrants and Refugees: Birth Registration and Consular Assistance in Egypt and Morocco

Bronwen Manby, June 2019

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E-Shekels Across Borders: A Distributed Ledger System to Settle Payments Between Israel and the West Bank

Priscilla Toffano & Kathy Yuan, April 2019

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The Calculus of Dissidence: How the Front des Forces Socialistes Became What It Is

Hugh Roberts, October 2018

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The Iraqi Protest Movement: From Identity Politics to Issue Politics

Faleh Jabar, June 2018

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Dialectics of Struggle: Challenges to the Kurdish Women's Movement

Nadje Al-Ali & Latif Tas, March 2018

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The EU's Engagement with 'Moderate' Political Islam: The Case of Ennahda

Silvia Colombo & Benedetta Voltolini, July 2017

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Gender and Statehood in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Zeynep Kaya, February 2017

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Iran's Eleventh Presidential Election Revisited: The Politics of Managing Change

Ali Ansari, November 2016

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Theorising Revolution, Apprehending Civil War: Leftist Political Practice and Analysis in Lebanon (1969–79)

Fadi Bardawil, October 2016

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon: State Fragility and Social Resilience 

Filippo Dionigi, February 2016

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Political Economy and Social Movement Theory Perspectives on the Tunisian and Egyptian Popular Uprisings in 2011

Joel Beinin, January 2016

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Battlefields of the Republic: The Struggle for Public Space in Tunisia

Charles Tripp, December 2015

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Is it Always Good to be King? Saudi Regime Resilience after the 2011 Arab Popular Uprisings

Madawi Al-Rasheed, December 2015

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The Revival of Nationalism and Secularism in Modern Iran

Pejman Abdolmohammadi, November 2015

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Will the Real Palestinian Peasantry Please Sit Down? Towards a New History of British Rule in Palestine, 1917-1936

Charles Anderson, November 2015

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Rentier Islamism: The Role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf

Courtney Freer, November 2015

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Social Movements and the Question of Organisation: Egypt and Everywhere

Maha Abdelrahman, September 2015

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Divine Politics Reconsidered: Saudi Islamists on Peaceful Revolution

Madawi Al-Rasheed, May 2015

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The Uprising of the Marginalised: A Socio-Economic Perspective of the Syrian Uprising

Shamel Azmeh, November 2014

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New Trends of Women's Activism after the Arab Uprisings: Redefining Women's Leadership

Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, November 2014

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Syria-Iraq relations: State Construction and Deconstruction and the MENA States System

Raymond Hinnebusch, October 2014

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Trends in Contemporary Conscious Music in Iran

Malihe Maghazei, June 2014

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The Emerging Interventionists of the GCC

Karen Young, December 2013

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The Iraqi Constitution: Structural Flaws and Political Implications

Saad Jawad, November 2013

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