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 Nour Albrzawi

Nour Albrzawi

Mohammed Al Fahim Scholar

Middle East Centre

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Arabic, English
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Middle East

About me

Nour AlBrzawi is the 2022-23 recipient of the LSE Middle East Centre's Mohamed Al Fahim Scholarship. She is completing a Master's in Anthropology and Development at LSE and works as a research assistant at the LSE Middle East Centre.

Before joining the LSE, Nour studied Biology and English Literature and Linguistics which informed her previous work exploring the structural and metaphysical aspects of refugee-making in Lebanon. She is interested in exploring healing, suffering, structural violence and sociocultural pressures. Her love of language animates her passion for healing which can be located within a deeper tradition of Arab medicine, science, and language (such as through the work of Ibn Sina).

Nour's previous research focused on the educational crisis within the Syrian refugee community in Lebanon. Her work explored educational reform, pedagogy, alternative education, and how to study in exile. She conducted fieldwork with people living in informal tented settlements across Beirut, Mount Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley to inform her research. In 2019, Nour was co-author of a children’s book called The Climate Change Dictionary with Dr. Tory Brykalski (anthropologist, UCD) for which she won The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture’s Creative Writing Grant.

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Middle East