Dr Bronwen  Manby

Dr Bronwen Manby

Senior Policy Fellow

Middle East Centre

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Bronwen is a leading authority on nationality law and statelessness in Africa. She has written on a wide range of human rights issues in Africa, with particular interests in South Africa and Nigeria (especially the oil industry in the Niger Delta), and in continental developments in human rights law. Recently, her research and writing have focused on statelessness, comparative nationality law, and legal identity, and she has worked closely with UNHCR on its global campaign against statelessness and as also advised the World Bank initiative on 'identification for development'.

Bronwen has degrees from Oxford and Columbia Universities, is qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales, and in 2015 was awarded a doctorate by Maastricht University faculty of law Citizenship and Statelessness in Africa: The Law and Politics of Belonging.

At the Middle East Centre, Bronwen was Principal Investigator on the research project Preventing Statelessness among Migrants in North Africa and their Children: Role of Host and Sending States in Providing Birth Registration and Identity Documents.

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human rights law; statelessness; democracy; good governance; human rights

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