Dr Dari  Alhuwail

Dr Dari Alhuwail

Visiting Fellow

Middle East Centre

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Dari Alhuwail is a health informatics expert and researcher and was a Visiting Fellow with the Middle East Centre until 2020.

Dari is an Assistant Professor in the Information Science department at the College of Computing Sciences and Engineering, Kuwait University. He also serves as a health informatics consultant at the Dasman Diabetes Institute, and is an honorary faculty member at the College of Medicine at the University of Dundee.

Dari conducts research in health informatics and has several publications in peer-reviewed journals. His research interests are centered on the use, adoption, implementation, and evaluation of health informatics tools, applications, and systems. He has worked in industry and in various labs in North America, including the Dasman Diabetes Institute as a Systems Engineer, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health as a Software Engineer, the Division of Clinical Informatics at BIDMC/Harvard as a Clinical Informatics Visiting Scholar, and the Health IT Lab at UMBC as a Lab Manager.


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Healthcare Quality; Informatics; Information Systems; Middle East; Kuwait